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Pillow is important for our sleeping. Your shoulder and neck muscles will get stiff and painful when you don’t get the right support from your pillow. Natural talalay latex pillow perform much better on this aspect. It’s supportive, breathable and healthy. Some people were initially dubious that this would work for them. But it does. After sleeping with talalay latex pillow for a few weeks, people will feel comfortable. Any issues of neck and shoulder get far away from you.

Product Information

Talalay latex pillow with white tencel pillowcase

Natural Talalay Latex Pillow

Specification: 40*60*13 Cm

Pillow Core: Natural Latex

Inner Cover: Knitted Fabric

Pillow Case: Polyester

Package: Pe Bag,Corrugated Box

Firmness: Standard

Retail Price: $40.00

Product Description

  • Talalay natural latex pillow allows your head to fully sink in. The height is ideal for side sleepers. If you prefer a thicker pillow, choose this one.
  • There are no synthetic addictives in this pillow. It’s 100% pure natural latex extracted from sustainable rubber trees. The manufacturing process is completely eco-friendly.
  • Talalay technology is more advanced than Dunlop. This unique foam consistency provides zoned support to your head, neck, shoulder. It effectively relieves your pressure.
  • Talalay latex core is ventilation for breathability and comfort. It prevents mildew and dust mites from growing.

Why Natural Talalay Latex Pillow ?

This natural latex pillow delivers superior reactivity. Because it is constructed with superior natural latex. The contour support enhances breathability for an exceptionally good night sleeping. The price is also affordable. You will not regret to buy them for yourself and your family.