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Natural shredded latex pillow represents a genuine difference from traditional pillows. It is composed of chipped natural latex which is highly breathable. This honeycomb vents help your head keep at the optimal temperature during sleep. This shredded latex is covered by a polyester inner cover. It feels soft and comfortable. The height is also adjustable that makes it ideal for those who are side or back sleepers.

Product Information

chipped latex pillow

Natural Shredded Latex Pillow

Specification: 40*58*11 Cm

Pillow Core: Shredded latex

Inner Cover: Knitted Fabric

Pillow Case: Polyester

Package: Pe Bag,Corrugated Box

Firmness: Standard Medium

Retail Price: $12.00

Product Description

  • The filling is shredded pure natural latex which is made from good latex. It guarantees this pillow will not flatten or lose shape over time
  • This luxury shredded pillow has a unique ventilated latex core. It allows air to go through the pillow which brings you a cooler sleeping experience
  • It offers medium support and promises resilience, durability and flexibility.
  • Natural shredded latex pillow is also hypoallergenic.

Why Natural Shredded Latex Pillow ?

Natural shredded latex pillow is adjustable and great for every type of sleepers such as back, side, stomach and mixed. All-natural adjustable Shredded Latex Pillow offers a superior cradling effect. It hugs the contour of your body to enable a deep and comfortable sleep. How to adjust the firmness to your liking? Just simply open the side zipper and carefully remove or add shredded latex.