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Our natural rubber pillow brings you a nice sleep during the whole night. Natural latex core made from rubber tree has thousands of pins inside. It provides smooth air circulation while you sleep at night. The latex filling is high resilient and supportive. This will adapt to your any sleeping postures, such as side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers. The pillowcase is removable. You can wash it easily.

Product Information

natural rubber pillow milky white

Natural Rubber Pillow

Specification: 40*60*13 Cm

Pillow Core: Natural Latex

Inner Cover: Knitted Fabric

Pillow Case: Polyester

Firmness: Standard Medium

Retail Price: $18.00

Product Description

  • Our latex rubber pillow provides three firmness options, soft, medium and firm. It offers you a wonderful night’s rest.
  • The pillow case is made of top rated polyester. There is also cotton casing for your selection.
  • The latex core is 100% natural from rubber tree in Thailand. It’s soft, resilient, neck supportive and anti mite.
  • This latex pillow is chemical free. There is no toxic addictive. It’s absolutely safe for you. It’s an ideal alternative to synthetic latex, polyurethane or memory foam.
  • The pillow is great for those who are in pain of neck and shoulder.
  • To ensure longevity, we recommend spot cleaning only. Direct sunshine is not allowed.

Why Natural Rubber Pillow ?

It’s a pity to hear that most people like memory foam pillows. In fact, latex rubber pillows perform much better, especially in aspect of health care. You will surely wake up head fresh and pain free in your neck and back. It’s great to get ready for a new day.