Latex contour pillow is considered one of the best organic pillows. Its raw material is 100% natural from rubber tree, harmless to body. The scientific shape formed by talalay or dunlopillo tech is perfectly fit for your head and neck. It’s also optional for the density of contour latex pillow which brings both soft and firm feeling. Therefore, more and more people go to buy latex pillow instead of common ones. It’s especially good for side sleepers and neck pain suffers. Do you want to know more details ? Just follow me.

contour latex pillow
contour latex pillow
Good support of your head and neck

The latex contour pillow supports the natural curvature and alignment of your neck and head while back sleeping or side sleeping. Our latex contour pillow contains the highest quality latex contour pillow core and our unique jacquard value, our air flow cover. We take the top materials and add the design expertise series to create the pillow your body needs. Let’s look at the contour plus in further detail. First, the purpose of using a pillow is to sleep with your head and neck straight, supported properly and comfortably with the help of our model. And using a wall to represent a mattress, we can demonstrate as he stands in proper posture. You can see the upper back is against the mattress.

Fill in the space from neck to the mattress

Notice there is a greater distance from neck to the mattress than the back of the head to the mattress. It is the pillows job to fill in this space. The same holds true for side sleeping. There is a greater distance from the neck to the mattress than from the head to the mattress. These distances are greater when side sleeping, then back sleeping again, the pillow must be able to fill in this space. The size and shape of your space is unique to you when sleeping on your back. If you have either too small of a pillow, too large of a pillow or a pillow that does not give you proper next support. You can end up with muscle stiffness, possible neck pain, headaches, numbness, as well as an uncomfortable night sleep.

Conform to your individual size and shape

The same holds true for side sleeping too small of a pillow, too large of a pillow or inadequate neck support, you can end up with pain and other symptoms. Now with latex contour pillow, you can see how its design fits perfectly to support and align your head and neck. Then the latex contour pillow also conforms to your individual size and shape sleep on your side or back. Just move how you naturally do throughout the night. And the latex contour pillow is there for you. Let’s take a closer look at the advanced material of natural latex which has become very popular for pillows and mattresses because it forms to the body better than other materials.

natural latex
natural latex
Scientific shape design of latex Contour pillow

But latex contour pillow comes in different qualities, densities, and firmness levels for the contour. Plus, we started with the highest quality latex contour pillow available, and then match the ideal density and firmness to each pillow size to create the perfect feel and support your body needs. When looking at a person,from this side, the neck has a natural curve to it, which is essential for proper function. To support this natural curve, the contour plus starts with a tab to support the lower neck. Then your proper neck curvature is supported by the radius of the latex contour pillow under the neck, the center of the pillow in dense to match the shape of the head to provide proper support while side sleeping. The sides of the contour plus are slightly elevated.

A gradual slope shape design

The front of the pillow has a gradual slope to provide a place for the shoulder to fit. This slant design also allows the latex contour pillow to provide support for the lower neck.Pillows that have a straight front can only support from the top of the shoulder. And above round shaped pillows actually move away from the lower neck. Neither of these shapes provide proper lower neck support. There is an indentation for the head when side sleeping as well. Now you can see how the design of the latex contour pillow and the ability of this advanced latex contour pillow to conform to you provide the support and comfort you need.

latex contour pillow vs feather pillow
latex contour pillow vs feather pillow
Staying cool during sleeping

The pillow cover is more than just pretty and luxurious. It is an important part of making the latex contour pillow. Your body needs the jacquard velour, but eerie. It has a mesh backing that allows the cover to conform to your body.The outer surface is made of one hundred percent cotton for a soft, luxurious feel. Both the mesh and cotton allow air to flow through our unique air flow. Side mash also allows air movement. These features work together to keep your latex contour pillow cool throughout the night.

Staying cool while sleeping is an important topic to many, we all know heat rises. Our open latex contour pillow allows any heat that may occur to rise. The latex contour pillow does not trap air or heat. The heat can also rise through the mesh and cotton in the cover. The air flow mesh sides allows for air to flow into the pillow, which helps keep you cool all night. Our latex contour pillow is naturally and microbial and hypo allergenic and it is tested and certified to be free of any harmful chemicals. Our jacquard value, a cover is removable and washable.

How to choose Latex contour pillow size

The latex contour pillow size comes in three. It’s easy to choose. Sizes choose is based on your T shirt size. The medium size of latex contour pillow is for people who wear a small or medium sized T shirt. The large size is for people who wear a large or extra large T shirt. The double x large size is for people who wear a double x large T shirt and larger.

Will you buy ?

How much you now know about bed latex contour pillow? And once you’ve experienced your new latex contour pillow, will you agree that it is the best pillow your body needs ? Will you go to buy one ? The latex contour pillow would come in a convenient travel bag, because we know you will want to take it with you. But for a long trip, I recommend you the latex neck pillow for a relax journey. Moreover, Latex contour pillow comes with a fifteen year warranty.

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