Drivers usually have latex travel pillows in their driving trip. But as a traveler,a travel neck pillow for your coming tourist is essential. What you will care most, the dimensions, comfort or easy to bring ? As we all know that travel neck pillow target is to relieve fatigue in your long flights. Therefore, comfort is the first thing to consider. Then maybe go to choose the small inflatable travel neck pillow. Which one is the best travel neck pillow 2018 ? It’s really difficult to say. You may decide by yourself after my below tips. However, Do not to forget to buy a comfortable travel neck pillow when starting a exciting journey. Many online stores or markets such as in Amazon,eBay or Walmart are available.

In a perfect world,we don’t travel in first-class luxury but with first class price. Comfort is often the first thing sacrificed.

Poor travel neck pillow

The U-shaped travel pillow was developed in 1929 and try to address a problem that almost all travelers have. Getting comfortable when trying to rest while seated. Many people have purchased one of these pillows at some point,only to be disappointed in the lack of performance. If you are a side sleeper, you always try to drift off to sleep, there is little support for your head. Because it falls to the side with its uncomfortably thick back. It pushes your head forward. The front lobes split open providing little support for the dreaded head flop and whiplash combo, which we’ve all experienced. Aside from the poor design that often leaves you with the crab stiff necked,they are also bulky and hard to pack.

latex travel neck pillow for air
latex travel neck pillow
Revolution of travel neck pillow

Introducing the patented evolution pillow,the first travel pillow that actually works made out of high IQ dynamic density memory foam. The evolution pillow has an ergonomically designed super thin back to keep your head from falling forward. The structure is very same as contour pillow.Raised lateral stabilization supports that allow your head to rest side to side and a duplex slide lock toggle that keeps the pillow in place and discourages the head flop. Turning the pillow around provides additional chin support, if your head falls forward while sleeping in a seated position. Thousands of professional travelers were consulted in designing the evolution pillow to finally create the ultimate support and comfort solution based on what travelers want.

Nearly all who try on the evolution pillow claim it’s the best travel pillow ever. A convenient media pouncing on the side will hold any phone or MP 3 player for a hands-free lap free listening experience. Its ultra velvet cover is removable and machine washable. It also comes with a portable water repellent travel pouch compacting the pillow to less than half its size and includes a strap that secures to your bag purse backpack or luggage for easy transport of it.

latex travel neck pillow velvet cover
latex travel neck pillow velvet cover

The evolution pillow is the perfect companion for outings to the park beach or pool and doubles as the perfect sun tanning pillow.Face up or face down,its massage table design ensures ultimate comfort out in the sun. A bonus pair of noise reduction ear plugs is included, softening the engine and passenger noise around you for a more peaceful journey.

What is the best travel neck pillow ?

If you are looking for the ultimate travel pillow,compatibility compost new air evolution pillow compresses to 1:8 inflated size and fits into a carrying pouch as small as a soda can.

This hybrid travel pillow may be inflated to your preferred comfort level and features a super soft and allure cover that is removable and machine washable. Comfortable travel has transformed coach class travel,whether on a plane, car,bus or train, into a luxurious and restful experience. It’s no wonder why the evolution pillow is being called the best in the world.

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