contour dunlopillo latex pillow

Dunlopillo latex pillow is our best selling pillow of all time. It is of good support,perfect bouncy,airflow and breathable,deluxe with reasonable price. Unlike memory foam pillow, dunlop latex pillows have various shapes and sizes for option. Do you want to buy some pillows to decorate your mattress and bed ? Please go to the below list. Trust it will meet your demands.

List of Dunlopillo Latex Pillow

Dunlopillo Classic Latex Pillow

Dunlopillo Classic Latex Pillow

The classic latex pillow is suitable for most people. It is designed with middle higher and two sides lower. This provides a perfect balance between comfort and support. Moreover, There are several specifications for choice, such as 60*40*13 CM, 70*40*14 CM and 80*40*14 CM. It shares a very high review among consumers.

Dunlopillo Soft Latex Pillow

Dunlopillo Soft Latex Pillow

This pillow is soft and medium profile. It’s very comfortable for back and side sleepers. The soft feeling provides maximum comfort with an excellent support.

Dunlopillo Premium Latex Foam Pillow

Dunlopillo Premium Latex Foam Pillow

Premium latex pillow provides the ultimate in comfort, support and long lasting. Their blissful mixture of comfort and pressure relief will make you sleep deeply all the night, leaving you fresh in come morning.

High Profile Latex Pillow

Dunlop Latex Pillow High Profile 

This classic pillow is good for those who suffer from headache and neckache. The shape is front side 2 CM higher than back side. It will make the pillow fully support your neck.

Low Profile Latex Pillow

Dunlop Latex Pillow Low Profile 

It’s a small version of high profile. This is designed for The youth who need slim pillows. It molds instantly to head and neck to ensure the youth to enjoy the perfect sleeping posture.

Luxurious Latex Pillow

Dunlopillo Luxurious Latex Pillow

Based on the high profile latex pillow, the granule is added to make your head more comfortable. It also creates a ventilated sleeping environment. It’s cooling and anti snoring.

According to processing ways, latex pillow is divided into two types, one is dunlopillo latex pillow and the other is talatech latex pillow.

What Is the Dunlop Processing ?

The dunlop manufacturing process works effectively. It’s the ideal method of producing latex foam pillows. With this method, our factory can produce ten thousand pillow a day which is far more than talalay pillow. The simple processing is as below.

dunlopillio latex pillow production line
  1. Pour the natural liquid latex into a mold. The mold is then closed up and placed on a conveyor belt. The process is like steaming bread. The mold is then moved on the conveyor belt into a vulcanization oven
  2. In the vulcanization, latex foam should be put into the molds to get the shapes and sizes of latex pillows that we want. In our factory, there are over 20 types of molds to meet various customer’s demands.
  3. When process of vulcanization finished, we need to send the molds into another production line where has 4-8 pieces large central air-conditioning. The mold temperature should be lowered around to 30 degree for next step. It will affect the quality of dunlopillo latex pillow if temperature is too high or too low.
  4. Open the molds and take dunlopillo latex pillow out. At this time, the latex pillows contain a lot of water and is very heavy, so we should pick it up carefully,and do not grab it with one hand, otherwise it will tear easily.

What Is Talalay Processing ?

It’s quite similar to the dunlop processing steps. But it’s more complicated and less productive.

The first step is to pour the latex foam into a mold partially, but not in a time. Seal the lid of the mold and fill the mold when the latex is expanded by vacuum.The mold is frozen as soon as it’s completely expanded. This aims to pushes carbon dioxide gas through the latex and cause it to gel. The temperature reaches 220ºF to vulcanize the latex. After vulcanized, talalay latex foam pillow is fully washed and then dried.

What’s the Difference ?

There are some differences between the two, but not as dramatic as many retailers said. The difference is usually used as the marketing strategy. In fact, most people would not be able to distinguish the differences as they look and feel very similar. However, you can have try with my guidance.

1.Talalay’s price is almost two times of dunlopillo latex pillow.

2.Talalay latex pillow looks better and feels smoother.

3.Talalay has a lighter smell of natural latex.

Why People Choose Our Dunlopillo Latex Pillow?

Low Price

It’s from $9 to $12 in wholesale.


Our factory can produce ten thousand pillows a day

Free Sample

Pillow Sample is free of charge.

Fast delivery

10 delivery days for mass order

High Quality

It's durable and lasts over 5 years


Our team is professional and quick response

How to Wash Dunlopillo Latex Pillow ?

In order to prolong lifespan of latex pillow, we should maintain it properly. We must be in mind that latex pillow is not necessary to wash frequently. If it gets dirty, wash it by hand with the correct steps. Machine wash is strictly prohibited.

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