Organic shredded latex pillow is one of the special latex pillows in shapes. Unlike natural latex pillow produced by Talalay or Dunlopillo technology, it’s made of chipped latex foam. It’s organic, adjustable and anti snoring. It might be the best choice for side sleepers. Now it becomes one of the hottest selling pillows in Amazon.

Benefits of shredded latex pillow

For lovers of all things organic, the GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) certified that shredded latex pillow is simply the price ticket for you to sleep on to incorporate the safest and cleanest materials next to your head, face, and neck at nighttime.

This is conjointly a wonderful pillow for those people United Nations agency prefer to fluff and mold their pillow, being filled with tiny items of latex that will not shift and clump. Latex foam is additionally terribly breathable, and recovers quickly once pressure is discharged. It’s conjointly hypoallergenic and mold and mildew resistant. Your certified organic shredded latex pillow can offer a well-rounded healthy and pleasant expertise for your sleepy night.

It is adjustable and is nice for each variety of sleeper such as back, side or stomach sleepers. Micro-cushions fill this all-natural adjustable shredded latex pillow and provide a superior cradling impact that hugs the contour of your body to alter a deep and comfy sleep. To regulate the firmness to your feeling, merely open the facet zipper and punctiliously take away or add small cushions.

shredded latex pillow with cover
shredded latex pillow
Why I recommend shredded latex pillow

I want to talk to you about shredded latex pillows. Purchasing a pillow can be a task. I mean, you can lay on a pillow in a showroom or feel it in a store. But really, sleeping on a pillow can take hours before even knowing if it’s the right one for you. It’s always been tough to sell a pillow, especially with a business like ours where we do ninety percent of it online. So talking to a customer over the phone and recommending a pillow has always been tough.

As a matter of fact, for years, we were trained here not to recommend pillows because there’s such a personal preference. I can tell you all about each pillow, but I would never recommend one. Now all that’s changed. We are always thinking outside the box and sticking with the theme of adjustability. We’ve created the shredded latex pillow. It’s an adjustable pillow. When you purchase one of our pillows, it is going to be packed full of shredded latex.I mean, this is the pillow you want to bring you a pillow fight.

Adjustable of shredded latex pillow

Sticking with the theme of adjustability, the organic cotton covering is unzipped. So you get in and you can take out the shredded latex. We run through a shower twice, just to get a fine enough to act as a down in the sense that you can move it around, shape it yourself. Here’s one with a lot taken out, almost acts like a down. However, the shredded latex pillow tends to interlock with each other and be a bit more supportive than a fiber, micro down or pillars of that nature. Therefore, shredded latex pillow is really the best of both worlds. It’s soft and cushy. You can mold it to your head. You can tuck it any way you want. It’s supportive. So in my opinion, this is the end all to the pillow problem. Moreover, there are many sizes for option such as standard, king and queen.

Therefore, do not hesitate to buy a shredded latex pillow online or at market. It should not be the best but most suitable for you. As it’s really necessary for a nice sleeping.

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