When buying latex pillows and mattresses, a lot of of consumers are not able to differ from natural latex,blended latex and synthetic latex. Because they have the almost same looking. In fact,they are very different if we take an inside look. Natural latex is an organic,green and healthy material. But blended and synthetic latex more or less have chemicals. It might do harm to human being. So it’s important for us to know something about natural latex. Everyone is keen to buy pure natural latex pillows and mattress with good reviews

What is natural latex ?

Natural latex is from rubber trees called Havea Brasiliensis. They grow in tropical climate area such as Sri Lanka,Thailand and Malaysia. It’s a liquid in pure milky white color. Natural latex are widely used in our daily life. It can be used to make latex gloves,pillows and mattresses. Do you want to have a further understand ? Please follow me and let’s start with rubber history.

rubber trees
rubber trees

History of rubber tree

Rubber trees are firstly found in South America standing in rows. They have been one of their richest nature resources. In 19th century, some people found that rubber trees have many advantages in production, for example, wood furniture. So people start to plant rubber trees all over the world, especially in Southeast Asia where has the same climate. In 20th century, latex harvesting begins.

How to harvest natural latex ?

Liquid latex can be harvested from rubber trees which are planted over 5 years. Harvesting lasts around 20 years. Natural latex is extracted through a small piece of bark which is carved from the tree. The latex flows into the plastic container slowly. It’s amazing that this process is harmless to the tree. A rubber tree can only produce about 30 ml of latex a day, so it’s usually named as precious material.

How to transport natural latex ?

In 1930's, the first latex pillow was successfully made. This healthy and comfortable products quickly spread around the world. But it was very difficult to buy a pillow at that time. Liquid latex from rubber trees must be processed and made into pillows in 48 hours, or it is condensed into blocks. In order to break area limitation, people add an addictive called ammonia to keep latex in liquid condition as well as fresh. As time passed, manufacturers from China became the main suppliers of latex pillows and mattresses.

What’s the content of natural latex ?

Many companies claim that their latex pillows and mattresses are 100% natural. In fact, it’s not accurate. Manufacturers have to add some necessary catalytic agents, or that sap can not be baked into solid. The most rate of natural latex you see in the market is around 95%. The left 5% is the curing addictive.

What is the left 5% ?

These addictives are sulfur and zinc oxide. Sulfur makes the latex from a liquid to a solid. The zinc oxide protects the latex from early oxidation.

natural latex from rubber tree

Are these addictives harmful ?

Many people are doubted if latex pillows made in China are safe, because some addictives are added in the production process. According to a test by OEKO-TEX, the latex pillow meet the human-ecological requirement of standard 100. It means it’s completely safe for human being. This is one of the main differences with memory foam.

How to make natural latex foam ?

Natural latex foam is made from rubber tree sap. It is also called rubber serum. Liquid latex is processed into latex foam by dunlop or talalay technology. Several manufacturing steps are needed,from mixing,agitating,grinding and foaming. Go here for the complete process of a latex foam pillow.
Up to now, some consumers are still confused as they don’t know how to distinguish natural latex and blended latex.

What is blended latex ?

There is also a second type of latex called blended latex. In short, blended latex means that exceeding addictives are added and mixed. In order to save the cost,some manufacturers increase the ratio to 20%. In that case, latex pillows will undoubtedly lose their benefits. However, it’s still one of the most popular versions due to it’s low price. We LaHome, as one of the professional latex manufacturers in China, only produce natural latex. As we know the difference between natural and blended latex.

How to distinguish natural and blended latex ?

Soaking in water

The simplest way is to soak natural and blended latex in water for a while. When you wring them out, the water from natural latex is clear,but from blended one is murky. Because chemical addictives are added in the blended latex.


Both versions have a special odor. This is why you can’t use it as soon as you buy. Natural latex’s smell will disappear after the package stays open for 2 or 3 days. But blended one will keep this odor for quite a long time. How long it lasts depends on the addictives inside the pillow.


Natural latex lasts much longer than blended. One reason is natural latex does not oxidize. Another reason is natural latex has been vulcanized and solidified, when it’s made from rubber trees.


The biggest difference is the price. Natural latex pillow is from $40 to $60, much more expensive than blended. But I think most people will not choose the blended one as what we need is health and comfortable.

natural latex pillow

Why choose natural latex ?

Here I would like to make a brief introduction of natural latex benefits. This is why people call it the best pillow. Trust it will be helpful you for decision.


It is made of 100% rubber tree fluid. There is not any chemicals added during production.

Supportive and durable

It is of excellent resilience. It make latex pillows support your head and neck effectively. Moreover, it can be used at least 5 years. With correct maintenance, it will last over 20 years.


There are millions of cell holes inside the natural latex. It allows air to flow smoothly. So you will stay cooling even in Summer.
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All in all, I firmly recommend natural latex pillows. This is good for you and your family. If you still have any questions or want to purchase latex pillows and mattress toppers,do not hesitate to contact me.

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