Are you looking for the best latex pillow for side sleeper? According to a consumer report, 30% people can’t find a comfortable pillow. People always suffer pain of neck,shoulder and back if a poor pillow is used for a long time. Our company’s latex pillows for side sleeper will ease the pain. It’s also a good choice for stomach and combination sleepers. Travelers can choose the latex neck pillow for your trip. Today I'll be reviewing the easy breather side sleeper pillow by my experience. Now if you haven't already figured out this pillow is uniquely designed to support side sleepers. Please follow my test since I happen to be a side sleeper. I'm especially excited to test the best latex pillow.

side sleeper pillow for woman
side sleeper pillow for woman

For side sleepers

The cover fabric of this pillow is made from an eco-friendly cotton called Tencel which is super soft,absorbent and cooling. A zipper spans the side of this pillow allowing sleepers to reach in and adjust the loft to their liking. This pillow is filled with natural latex which is known for its mold ability and response to pressure. It's built with two sides that are thicker with higher loft in one middle section. That's a bit thinner and softer. In this way side sleepers can comfortably roll from side to side without losing any support.

The entire structure of this pillow is designed for side sleepers who need a little help in maintaining healthy posture throughout the night. So we know this pillow was built for side sleepers. In the lateral position,I can see why this is called the side sleeper pillow. The higher loft of this side is really perfectly keeping my head,spine and neck in perfect alignment. I feel very comfortable in this position I can feel the natural latex gently contouring to my head. This sort of shape here makes it really easy to hold on to. This is definitely a good position for this pillow.

pillow for back sleeper
pillow for back sleeper

For back sleepers

Let's see how it is on my back. So as I expected this is actually got pretty good potential for back sleeping. It's adjustable.So I would probably reach in and remove a little bit of the loft. I'm on the shorter side. So right now it's just a little too lofty for me in the middle.My head isn't completely in alignment with my neck but still very comfortable. The Tencel is so soft against my skin and the natural latex really nicely conforms to my head.

stomach sleeper pillow
stomach sleeper pillow

For stomach sleepers

Let's try it on my stomach. I’m not so sure about the side sleeper pillow for this position.Like I said luckily it's adjustable. It can be pressed thin enough to be suitable for stomach sleepers but as it is right now you don't really think this pillow was intended for that position.

Why choose side sleeper pillow ?

I have to say this has great back sleeper potential and maybe even good potential for sleeping on your stomach. But ultimately this is a great pillow for folks who sleep in the lateral position.

So there's a lot of advantages especially if you're a side sleeper. Firstly it's designed in this sort of boomerang shape wherein the sides are a bit thicker in the middle of thinner and softer this way. Sleepers can comfortably roll from side to side without losing any support. Secondly, this pillow is filled with natural latex which offers a nice high response to pressure sleepers who really like to sink into their pillow. Should I really give this one a try?  When I say try I mean LaHome side sleeper pillow. Let’s try this pillow for a hundred days before you have to make any tough decisions.If you don't like it,send it on back for a full refund.

Drawbacks of side sleeper pillow

However,there are few drawbacks to this pillow. Firstly,there's a bit of a smell to this pillow at first. Don't worry in my experience it dissipates after a few nights. Secondly,unfortunately this pillow is not machine washable. It must be spot cleaned with a damp cloth and mild detergent and then left to air dry something. Strictly following the washing steps will prolong lifespan of your latex pillow.

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