Pillows always play an important role in high quality sleeping. Which one is right for you, latex vs memory foam pillow ? It’s a pity that most people only hear about memory foam,down or feather pillows. Did you know the first latex pillow was made in 1936 by dunlop technology? After continuous developing, latex pillows are becoming more and more popular. By different processing, it contains dunlop, talalay and shredded latex pillow. Moreover, latex foam has three types, saying natural,blended and synthetic. Keep on reading to discover the detailed differences between the two.

Latex vs Memory Foam Pillow

What is latex pillow ?

What we mean here is natural latex pillows. Natural latex is made from the sap of the rubber trees. It’s in white milky color. After foaming, the latex has millions of air bubbles inside. It makes latex pillow soft,resilient and breathable. But you should be attentive that these features only belong to natural latex. Now many factories switch to produce blended or synthetic latex. One reason is the cost is much lower. Another is that it has a very similar feeling and looking. But we must keep in mind that it does not have the same benefits. As a professional latex manufacturer, we only produce natural latex products.

What is memory foam pillow

Memory foam was firstly used in aerospace field in the 1960'S by NASA. It is used for protecting pilots’s head,neck and body when crashing. Why scientists choose this material ? There are many reasons,but we don’t discuss here. Below are reasons that memory foam can be used to make pillows.

Firstly, the raw material of memory foam is polyurethane. It contains many various chemicals. After processing, these chemicals form a special material. It is dense and energy absorbing. This is just what pilots need when landing.

Secondly, why is it called “memory foam” ? It will remember the shape after you press on. So it’s a type of foam that adjusts to the exact shape of your body.

Thirdly, when you lay your head on the memory foam pillow and then lift up, you will find it not to recover its original form very soon. Instead, it needs a short time. This feature leads to its super comfort and excellent support. A lot of pillow manufacturers are attracted by the amazing benefits. It’s especially good for those people who suffer from head and neck pain.

Differences of natural latex and memory foam pillow.

1.Difference in material

Latex pillow is made from a natural material, while memory foam is completely man made. This is the main reason that people prefer to natural and healthy latex pillows.

2.Difference in bouncy

Latex pillow is soft but has a strong bouncy. It recovers very quickly. Memory foam usually take a short while to bounce back after pressing.

3.Difference in price

Memory foam pillow’s price differ in a big range due to quality level. It’s from $20-$60. Whereas, latex pillow is almost similar, same quality and reasonable price. But you should pay attention to the blended or synthetic latex. So do not forget to read the care label before you decide to buy.

4.Difference in lifespan

Latex pillow can be used at least three years, while memory foam is 1-2 years.

Similarities of natural latex and memory foam pillow

1.Similarity in support

Both of them has a perfect support. They conform to your shape of head and neck. Pressure relief is supplied to the spine,neck and joints.

2.Similarity in shape

They are both made by molds. There is less option in shapes and sizes. As far as I know, less than ten shapes are available in the market.

lady enjoys sleeping on latex pillow

Why choose latex pillow

1.Latex foam pillows last a long time, much longer than memory foam pillows. It’s an economical choice. Moreover, latex pillows feel softer than memory foam. It’s very suitable for people who like how memory foam feel, but need a softer pillow.

2.Latex is a material that is hypoallergenic and anti-mite. It dissipated heat and moisture better than memory foam. This is very important for hot sleepers as memory foam can’t keep you cooling in Summer.

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Why refuse latex pillow

1.It’s difficult for consumers to distinguish natural latex pillow from blended and synthetic one.

2.Latex pillows have a special latex smell. It’s very strong at first, and then fade in 2-3 days. But it more or less exists. If this odor is not acceptable, I think you have to switch to other pillows.

3.Memory foam pillow perform better than latex pillow in ergonomically design. Memory foam seems the first choice for those who are with issues of join pain and weight distribution.

4.If you are a latex allergy, you have to say goodbye to latex pillows.

Why choose memory foam pillow

When people mold to the contour of the head in a memory foam pillow, it holds than form and eliminate neck pressure. Plus, people usually sleep well after using a memory foam pillow.

Why refuse memory foam pillow

1.Memory foam pillow is not good for babies. They might get sunk in and breathe difficultly.

2.Memory foam is poor in cooling. Nobody wants to be sweaty in hot weather.

3.It’s not a green product. Chemicals might do harm to humans.

Will you buy Latex or memory foam pillow ?

I think you now know which you buy after the comparison of both latex and memory foam pillow. Each type pillow has its benefits and drawbacks. So it’s up to your favors and needs. As for a professional latex product supplier, I highly recommend you natural latex pillows. It’s a 100 nature,green,organic and renewable item.

What’s more to consider when buying ?

Shapes of latex pillow

Contour shape latex pillow is with front side higher and back side lower. The difference is about 2 CM height. This design aims to provide perfect supports of your head,neck and shoulder. It’s extremely comfortable for those who have neck or back pain. Because it holds your head in a natural sleeping position.

Standard shape latex pillow is same as traditional pillows, two sides lower and middle higher. It looks like bread. It’s more ventilated to make sleepers breathe smoothly.

Prices of latex pillow

Price is a priority factor in shopping. Natural Latex pillow’s price usually ranges from $40-$60. The talalay pillow might be more expensive. You should be attentive if a latex pillow is lower than $20. It’s not a pure natural latex pillow.

Reviews of latex pillow

Before you pay the money, you’d better to read the reviews from other clients. It’s not completely correct, but I think it’s helpful for you to buy a nice pillow.

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