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Best Latex Pillow Manufacturers in China
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There are thousands of natural latex pillow manufacturers all over the world. They are not only natural latex core and latex foam sheet suppliers,but also pillow inserts producers.Compared with memory foam or gel latex pillows, the manufacturing process of latex pillow is more complicated. Below is the workshop in producing contour and neck latex pillow.

workshop of latex pillow manufacturers
workshop of latex pillow manufacturers

Why natural latex pillows ?

The most pure and natural latex pillow is the right balance between softness and support. It's good for proper spine alignment and your sleeping comfort. Longer lasting than any other pillow material, provides years of comfort. Hundreds of ventilation holes moderate temperature. Natural latex rubber is harvested from the "Hevea Barsiliensis" trees. They grow in South-East Asia. Natural latex is a renewable and healthy resource, organically grown and processed. Non-toxic even if burned, and finally biodegradable at the end of its life cycle. It contains latex 90-95% , zinc oxide 2-3%, fatty acid soaps 1-2%, sulfur 1-2% and sodium 1-2%.

Latex pillow manufacturing process

The two manufacturing processes by latex factories are standard and Talalay process. The standard process is very simple. There are 1000’s of factories around the world producing variations on this type of latex. The Talalay process is far more complicated. The plant required is very expensive. As at January 2012, there are 5 factories with Talalay capability. The biggest (Latex International) is located in the USA. It develops a plant in Malaysia. This process ensures the latex completely open cell. It gives better breathability than Memory foam. The latex pillows conform to the contours of the head and neck for superior comfort and support. It will bring you a feeling of luxurious and resilience.

Where are the latex pillow factories ?

Most of latex pillow factories are at China as we all know China is the world’s workshop. Some factories are located in Southeast Asia such as Thailand and Malaysia. In European and USA, there are few factories,but what they make is high-end latex pillows.

Latex pillow manufacturer Malaysia

There are many famous latex pillow manufactures in Malaysia. Their pillows are with good quality,but price is much higher. Take Napure for example, it is a German registered brand. It's owned by one of the largest latex mattress manufacturers in Malaysia. They manufacture a variety of healthcare bedding products. Foam mattresses and pillows provide great back care, aeration, and ease of maintenance. Its products are suitable for use in beds of residential homes or hotels alike.

Thailand latex pillow manufacturers

Thailand manufacturing level is very low. Its advantage is that they are very near to the production base of raw material. The latex can be processed in 24 hours and it save them much money. It also ensures the quality. However, its price is still much higher than China.One of the most famous factory in Thailand is PATEX. It is all-natural latex rubber foam manufactured by Pattani Industry in Thailand. Their products include latex foam mattresses, contour latex pillows, and other customized latex products

Latex pillow manufacturers in China

I am proud to say that around 80% latex pillows are made in China. That’s Why ? Firstly, the price is lowest. Secondly, the quality is very good. The last, only China is able to manufacture so many pillows to meet the increasing demands.

Finding the right latex pillow manufacturer
Only high quality latex

It may be not easy to find the right supplier for you due to the various types of latex pillows in the market. To make sure that you get the best, you must only buy latex pillows with high quality latex materials. It should be the best manufacturing practices. The only way to do this is by selecting the best latex manufacturer.

Reliable manufacturers

There are a lot of firms that claim to manufacture high quality latex pillows. But in most cases, these pillows do not last as long as they should or do not provide the required comfort. You should buy latex pillows from reliable manufacturers such as LaHome.

LaHome aims to provide safe, comfortable and environmentally-friendly bedding products. We make use of the finest raw materials and equipment to ensure that you and your family get high quality latex foam pillows. LaHome specializes in the manufacture of natural latex pillows and organic latex mattresses. We have a complete production line for each of these products.

Price list of latex pillow wholesale

As an experienced latex bedding company in China, LaHome offers the cheap but quality latex pillows. Don't know where to buy ? Just contact us freely. Your quotation is warmly welcomed. For bulk orders, we will provide you a special discount. Here are prices of our pillows.

contour latex pillow core milk white

Contour Latex Pillow

Specification: 40*60*10/12 cm

Price: $8.7


granule latex pillow

Granule Latex Pillow

Specification: 40*60*10/12 CM

Price: $8.7

latex pillow white rose pattern pillow case

Firm Latex Pillow

Specification:40*60*13 CM

Price: $8.1

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