Latex bedding such latex pillow and latex mattress is favored by more and more people. Take latex car neck pillow for example, it’s widely enjoyed by drivers as they are 100% natural, anti-mite and free of neck and shoulder pain. Some people are hesitated as they are worried about the problem of latex pillow allergy. Latex pillows indeed cause allergies. But it can be avoided with correct usage instruction. Instead of leaving far away from latex products, I think what we should do is to master more information of latex allergy. If you are going to buy latex or chipped latex pillows recently, read more and make sure they are suitable for you and your family.

What is natural latex?

We all know natural latex of pillows are made from latex. What is natural latex? Natural Latex is a resin compound which is found in the natural rubber tree . Latex is a milky white liquid composed of rubber particles dispersed in water. This material is whipped with air to form a foam and  heated to produce foam rubber, or latex. The latex from our pillows is imported from Thailand where is considered to produce the best raw material in the world. But it will also cause allergy.

latex pillow allergy
latex pillow allergy
What’s the latex allergy?

A latex allergy is a reaction to the proteins present in natural rubber latex. Most people have found they are allergic to latex by using items made from natural rubber. It includes elastic bands, latex gloves, baby-bottle nipples and balloons. Natural latex is known to cause Type I and Type IV allergic reactions. Testing for a Type I natural latex allergy is done through blood testing. Type IV can be diagnosed by using a skin-prick test. Estimates of latex sensitivity in the general population range from 1% to 9%.

Causes of latex pillow allergy
Direct touching

The most common cause of latex allergy is direct touching. It seems unavoidable when you use a latex pillow. A pillow case used during sleeping might do some help if you are allergic to latex.


Latex pillow has a special smell after the package opened. It will disappear in two or three days. Some people might be allergic to this smell.

Latex pillow allergy symptoms

Latex pillow allergy symptoms are usually divided in three types: irritative dermatitis by contact,delayed and immediate latex allergy

Irritative dermatitis by contact

The most common negative reaction to latex is irritative dermatitis by contact .Symptoms are dry, itchy, irritated skin. It usually happens on the hands.

Delayed latex allergy

The most common symptom of delayed latex allergy is an itchy, red, mildly swollen rash. It appears only on areas of the skin which actually touched the latex. Symptoms will appear in 10-30 hours after touching. These symptoms are usually caused not by the latex itself, but by chemical addictive in the latex in the production processing.

Immediate latex allergy

Immediate allergic reaction is usually happens in minute of exposure to the latex. This type symptom is severe and might lead to life-threatening situation. It includes:

Every part of the body may feel itchy.

Nasal stuffiness, sneezing, a runny nose, red eyes, or roof of the mouth.

Wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath.

Blocked airways, swelling of the throat, and a drop in blood pressure.

Therefore, be careful when you have above symptoms. We should place high importance to the immediate allergy as it might cause death.


If you get severe latex allergy symptoms, you must go to hospital for emergency treatment. For slightly one,the best treatment for a latex allergy is avoidance. Leave far away from latex products.

How to prevent?

You should have a test to check if you are allergic to the latex pillow especially you are the first time to touch latex. This is the most important step which usually ignored by people. IF YOU ARE DIAGNOSED WITH LATEX ALLERGY, you must use other pillows such as down or feather instead. Before seeing doctor, you should obey below rules.

  1. Avoid touching, using, or being near latex products.
  2. Avoid areas where latex is likely to be inhaled. For example,where powdered latex are being used.
  3. You should tell people around you and your personal healthcare professionals that you have latex allergy.
  4. Wear a medical alert bracelet if you have.
Are latex pillows safe ?

In general, latex pillows are safe for most people. Compared with memory foam pillow,the material of latex pillow is 100% natural and eco-friendly. However, potential allergens are uncontrollable. Moreover,you should choose a proper pillow size for comfortable sleeping. In short, be careful in daily-use products,especially bedding as around a third of our lives is for sleeping.

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