People usually ask how long latex pillows last and how to wash a latex pillow after buying a organic latex pillow. As a manufacturer of dunlopillo latex pillow,I’m glad to inform you it can be used for around 20 year.However, the precondition is that you should know how to wash latex pillow.Unlucky,some allergy symptoms might be caused if latex pillow is dirty. And then people doubt its benefits and think latex pillow is not good enough. Be frank,it’s unfair. What we firstly should do is to master correct steps to care latex pillow.

contour latex pillow-inner cover
contour latex pillow-inner cover

Why latex pillow ?

Poor pillows cause sleeping disorder

Many people are laid low with disturbed sleep and alternative sleeping disorders that will flow from to fret caused by a quick pace life. One among the most important contributors to such disorders is the reasonably pillows you rest on nightly. You will have huge flossy pillows and nonetheless suffer from sleepless nights, worse back pain and muscle pain on your neck spreading through your shoulders.

Latex pillow is a good choice

Resting on organic latex pillows that don’t adjust to your neck and head can cause extreme discomfort that result to sleepless nights. It’s necessary to rest on pillows that firmly nonetheless gently support your neck and head and adjust to your body’s contour well. Bear in mind that a mean person spends 1/3 of his life on sleep. You merit an honest night sleep by obtaining pillows that fulfill your wants and needs. Don’t cheat yourself by shopping for low-cost flossy pillows. Bear in mind you sleep on them each night. The smallest amount you may do is get the most effective within the market that may last an extended time and have you ever awakening recent and well-rested. And this can be precisely what latex pillows provide.

Latex pillows are made up of soft foam made by sap of rubber trees. They’re firm and adjust well to your head and neck. Makers sell varied degree of firmness to administer individuals choices that match their preferences. Latex pillows give most support that guarantee users of fine night sleep. In addition, natural latex pillows can be used over 3 years, much longer than other pillows.

Protect your latex pillow

If you have a latex pillow, the first thing is that you should know how to use it.Then you need to maintain it properly in daily usage. Our latex pillow covers are removable and machine washable. The cover is made from a breathable natural fiber like cotton, bamboo, or linen. It’s always same as your regular pillowcase. Wash it at least monthly using hot water. It should be more often during hot weather or if someone is ill. By using a pillow cover,  you only clean your latex pillow core once or twice a year unless there is a spill or accident.

Steps to wash a latex pillow

Step one: how often you should wash a latex pillow?

One study found that sixteen species of fungi will sleep in a median pillow, and the stuffing really attracts allergy-causing dirt mites. Therefore to confirm you are solely giving birth your head down in an exceedingly clean area, wash your pillows many times throughout the year.In my opinion,same as down,feather or memory foam pillow, latex pillow should be washed every two month.

Step two: Hand wash or machine wash ?

Pillow case can be washed by hand or machine. But latex pillow core must not be wash by machine because the material latex is from rubber tree. It’s too soft and tore easily.

Step three

Put latex pillow core into a container or sink with warm water.

Step four

Add mild detergent into the container. Irritant detergent is not allow as it might cause damages.

Step five

Use to a soft towel to clean the surface slowly. Especially pay attention to the area with spot.

Step six

Wrap the pillow with a large dry cloth.Squeeze and wipe the water completely.

Step seven

Put the pillow in a flowing area to dry,but far away from direct sunlight. Latex will turn into powder after exposure on the sun for a long time.

Step eight

After drying, cover latex pillow core with the clean pillow case.

Now trust you have known how to clean and care your latex pillows. Do not hesitate to buy the best natural latex pillow. It’s really good for your sleeping. Wash and maintain with my care instruction, then you will be happy with it.

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