Do you know how to use contour pillow ? Contour latex pillow,one of the best organic natural latex pillows, is enjoyed by most of people in the world. Unlike shredded latex pillow, it can be made into 3 types, soft,medium and firm to meet the demands of various consumers by adjusting the density of latex. It’s especially good for side sleepers and neck pain suffers. However, after purchasing,some people find that the contour latex pillow is not as good as what the salesmen said. The main reason is that people don’t know how to use it correctly. Before buying a pillow, you should know which type of pillow you need. Moreover, you should know how to use it after purchasing. It’s a very necessary step to make you a good sleeping. Read more for further information of contour pillow.

What is the contour latex pillow ?

As the name suggests, the contour latex pillow is a type of curved model orthapedic pillow. It is mainly designed to contour the spinal curvatures. Therefore, the cervical and lumbar region are kept in a neutral position ergonomically.

Contour latex pillows, or called cervical latex pillow,are made of natural latex from rubber tree. The material is the most comfortable for maintaining good body posture.

These are generally made firmer by using high density natural latex than as compared to the standard pillow. They are designed especially for providing the best support to the target body part such as head,neck and shoulder.

The best advantage of these pillows is that it conforms to your body part when the heat from your body is absorbed by the material when you lie on it. You might feel the pillow uncomfortable for the first few minutes but within 5-10 minutes you will feel it best for your neck and head.

Whom the contour latex pillow is for ?

Adult specification

Adult size of contour latex pillow is 60*40*10/12 CM, usually called as high profile contour pillow. These are recommended mainly for the medium and large framed persons. They usually use to sleep on their sides. Here the head will be in the contour and the neck will stabilized on the raised roll. It provided good support and thus gives an ideal posture during sleeping.

contour latex pillow with size
contour latex pillow with size
Youth specification

Youth size of contour latex pillow comes with 30*50*7/9 CM, called low profile contour pillow. They are for the smaller framed persons who regularly use to sleep in the lateral position or in the supine lying position. It helps to fix the cervical as well as lumbar spine easily thereby prevents the extra strain on the spinal curvatures.

Kid specification

The size of contour latex pillow with 27*44*7 CM is for the kids aged from 8-13 years. The pillow shape conforms to the children’s head,neck and shoulder and offer a perfect support. It’s one of the best pillows for kids.

Benefits of contour latex pillow

Latex pillows have a lot of benefits. Here are some main advantages.

Ease neck pain

If you are diagnosed with a neck problem, there are various treatments. One is recommended to undertake such as therapy, drug prescriptions, and physical therapy among others. Sometimes, the cause of the neck pains is that the wrong pillow is used, or not getting the right support while sleeping. To possibly avoid undergoing the above therapies,you can use contour latex pillow. Also in the case where you are diagnosed with neck problems,you can opt to use contour pillow. Because it is a great and cheap therapy for your neck pains and injuries.

No side effects

Unlike other prescriptions for muscle relaxing that may possess various side effects especially when consumed for long,the contour latex pillow does not have side effects.They provide the same services with the over counter prescription. Some of the side effects associated with the use of the muscle relaxer prescription include drowsiness or dizziness especially for the people working in factories or involved in carrying heavy loads. Choose the natural and safe way of relaxing your muscles by using contour pillows.

Comfortable during the sleep

The majority of people who have a problem with neck pains are as a result of using the wrong position while sleeping. It causes harm to the neck.The good news is with a contour pillow you will not experience these issues because it is designed with natural latex which provides you with soft and comfort during all the night.


You must keep on changing the traditional pillows as they wear out after a particular period. Contour pillows are quite durable as they are made with excellent latex materials by molds. Its lifespan is over 20 year with correct care.

contour latex pillow forest background
contour latex pillow forest background

Two tips of using a contour latex pillow

It’s been see that people who go for purchasing a contour latex pillow online, just buy the best one available in the market and later find that it’s not great fit for them. Therefore, it’s important to essentially check out your sleeping habits and patterns when choosing the pillows.

You need to check out the best ways for how to sleep or lay down with a contoured pillow. So that you can get the best one.

First, the flat side your pillow should be placed downwards on the bed, while placing the larger of the two curves towards your foot side. This is an ideal orientation of placing or using your contoured pillow. It will provide maximum support to your head and neck, no matter whether you are a side sleeper or back sleeper.

Second, while laying down on the bed, make sure that your head finds it place comfortably between the curves of the pillow. The pillow not only absorbs the heat from your neck and head automatically but also contours to provide you the maximum comfort.

How to use a contour latex pillow ?

You’ve heard the benefits of using a contour latex pillow, but now do you know how to use it ? For the beginning step, you should know your sleeping posture. Are you a back Sleeper, side Sleeper or stomach sleeper ?

contour latex pillow-A,B,C,D sleeper area
contour latex pillow-A,B,C,D sleeper area
For back sleeper

Lie your contour latex pillow on your bed so that the slimmer side of the pillow runs in line with the head of the bed. The larger end of the pillow should run underneath the hollow of your neck when you lie down, with the curve of your neck resting in a natural position on top of this hump.

For side sleeper

The larger end of the pillow again needs to be underneath the hollow of the neck. Ensure the pillow is as close as possible to the top of the shoulder, seamlessly supporting the natural curve of your neck and allowing for full relaxation and muscular rejuvenation during the night.

For tummy sleeper

For tummy sleepers, a contour latex pillow isn’t necessarily the most suitable option. Usually, tummy sleepers feel more comfortable with a slimmer, softer pillow which prevents unnatural arching of the neck during the night. Shredded latex pillow might be the best choice.

Latex pillow is a great gift from nature. We design and produce various of pillows to suit every preference and budget,contour pillows,shredded pillows,soft or firm pillows, cooling pillows,pillows for baby,kid and youth, and so on. Every single latex pillow comes with high quality. We also enclose the cleaning instruction in the package. Just feel free to use it.

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