How long do pillows last  ? Different pillows have different lifespan. Natural latex pillows can be used over 10 years with correct care. However, it’s usually up to your living habit. What we suggest is to change it every 2 years. One reason is that benefits of latex pillow will reduce and disappear accordingly. Another reason is that most people don’t know how to maintain the pillows. Do you remember when you buy your pillows ? I think you don't know. Let us pay more attention to our pillows to create a good sleeping environment.

latex pillows-white&granule
latex pillows-white&granule

Why we replace our pillows ?

Pillows should be changed in a fixed time. There are two reasons.

Keep your bed far away from germs

After a long time usage, the dead skin cells peel and are absorbed in the pillow. The sleepers' sweat also make the latex pillow dirty.  To avoid any allergy or disease, we suggest to make a change of pillow when it's been used over 3 years.

To sleep well

Latex pillows are of perfect support of your neck and head. It will help relieve the pain. However, its resilience will be reducing when it turns old. Finally, it will not meet your demands of well-sleeping. A new one will bring you a better sleep.

When you should replace your latex pillow ?

Acne caused by dirty latex pillow

The worst kind of acne is the kind caused by pressing your face into dirty things. This kind of acne could be avoided. It's not coming from inside you. You can get it from your phone, or even your football helmet. But the usual suspect is your pillow and especially your pillowcase. It collects dirt, oil, and dead skin. You might not need to completely replace your sleep gear, but clean it. Experts recommend laundering your pillowcase many times a week. However, it seems impossible unless you live in a hotel.

latex pillows anti mite
latex pillows anti mite

Dust mites are not good for health

The oils and the dead skin are lunch for dust mites. These tiny, eight-legged arthropods are too small to see with the naked eye. They feed on the flakes of human skin we shed each day. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, we each shed enough skin on a daily basis. It feeds 1 million dust mites. They're thought to be the most common trigger of year-round allergies and asthma. How to keep them far away from your pillow? We should use a zippered allergen-resistant pillow protector to keep them out. Remember to wash it at least once a month.

Not wash over six month

Now we've talked about washing the pillowcase, and the pillow protector. But what about the actual pillow? If you're like most people, you probably don't even know if your pillow can go in the washer. For latex pillow, it should can be washed by hand,but machine wash is not allowed. According to the National Sleep Foundation, pillows even in an anti-allergy cover should still be washed every six months. Really don't have time? Put your pillow in a dry place for half an hour to freshen it up..

Pillow is out of shape

When you wash your pillow, it eventually breaks down. Latex foam can get lumpy. The National Sleep Foundation suggests a test that will prove if your pillow is shot. Fold it in half and let go. If it stays folded, it's time to throw it away.

Waking up pain

Over time, your pillow gets beaten down by use and loses its shape. It might not give the same level of support anymore. After spending all night with your spine twisted, you could wake up with back, neck, or shoulder pain. It could even travel down to the hips or knees.

Dizzy and sleepy  in the morning

During your deepest stages of sleep, most of your brainwaves are slow-moving waves. It helps your body restore and rejuvenate. But neck pain could interrupt those deep-sleep brainwaves. When a person is in pain, it will interfere with their sleep patterns. You experience a bad sleeping and wake up tired in the morning.

Headache becomes regular

When you’re sleeping on a pillow without good support, your upper body could start experiencing tension due to an improper position. Eventually, that stress could turn into a tension headache. We hold stress in the upper arms or neck, and gradually goes into the head as time passes.  Here’s what to do if you wake up with a headache.

Sleeping positions are changed for comfortable purpose

Your sleeping position determines the type of pillow to prop your head up comfortably. Back sleepers, for instance, might just need a thin pillow to keep their necks straight. On the other hand, side sleepers need something thicker to keep their heads from tilting toward their shoulders. When you adjust your usual sleeping position like switching to your side to stop snoring, or lying flat to avoid shoulder soreness. Your old pillow might not keep your spine in its natural position anymore. You should use a more comfortable pillow.

Pursuing a better pillow

Just think about how much better life could be. Pillow tech has improved. Today there are even pillows that can gently wake you up in the morning. Knowing the basics, and knowing your options. A pillow with natural fabric and latex will undoubtedly conform to your sleep habits. Want to know how to use a latex pillow properly, click here.

latex pillows inner cover&pillow case
latex pillows inner cover&pillow case

How often should natural latex pillows washed ?

Latex pillows should be cleaned every 2 month. What you need to do is putting your pillows in the shaded and ventilated place. Direct sunshine is strictly prohibited. Do not wash it in water if it's very necessary. It will shorten the lifespan of latex core. If needed, please follow this washing steps.

How long do Tempurpedic pillows last ?

Tempur-Pedic is one of the famous brand in bedding. They only sell top quality pillows and offer 5 year quality warranty. So their pillows can usually last for a very long time.

How long do your pillows Last ?

By comparison, latex pillow is more durable than other pillows. If you have a latex pillow, you can replace it every two years. How often should you replace other pillows ?

Fiber pillows have to be replaced in half year due to its poor absorption ability.

Memory foam pillows last one year as their conforming is great, but the material is not reliable. They tend to sink.

Down pillows are a year, too.They tend to lump quite a bit and become unusable.

Feather pillows can last one year and half because it's more breathable.

Bamboo pillows should be change every year, or a little longer. It's a bit more reliable than cotton ones.

To help prolong your pillow’s lifespan, you should add a protect case between the pillow and pillowcase. Note that you can’t wash latex pillows by machine. Warm water and mild detergent will help get rid of any dust mites.

While washing your pillow may solve the allergen problem, it doesn’t help your pillow stay supportive. After nightly use, a pillow will lose its fluff and start to resemble a pancake. While some pillows might last a little longer. If yours is looking a little flat, fluff it every morning.


Do not hesitate to change your pillows if you are not comfortable with them. A contour latex pillow is a good option. It will not cost you too much. I'm sure the contour latex pillow will bring you a nice sleep if you use it in a proper way.

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