Same as down and feather pillows or memory foam pillows, natural latex pillow size differs for various using purposes. Latex pillow king is almost suitable for everyone. Whereas, some persons enjoy queen size. Latex pillow Euro is considered a nice mixing match with other pillows. Throw or round one is now becoming more and more popular. Here are some simple guides to latex pillow sizes,which might help you choose a comfortable latex pillow or make your bedroom and living room more attractive.

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standard latex pillow size 40*60 cm
standard latex pillow size

Standard latex pillow size

Different country has a different standard latex pillow size. I think shredded latex pillow is a good option as it can be made in any sizes.The standard latex pillow size measures 20″x 26″in the United States. In Germany, it’s 40 x 80 cm,at intervals the united kingdom it’s 50 x 75 cm, whereas it’s 40 x 60 cm in Southeast Asia. You'll be able to place 1 standard pillow on a twin bed, 2 across a full or queen-size bed, and 3 across a large pad. In brief, it's appropriate for each sort of bed. It’s not necessary for you to worry about if it will be too small or too large.

Latex pillow king size

A king latex pillow measures 50 x 70 cm (19,7″ x 27,6″). Two pieces of king pillows utterly match across a king bed, king pillows were designed for the additional dimension of a King or California King bed.However,they're nice for a twin bed if the sleeper tosses and turns. They additionally build an comfortable back support pillow for reading or working on a portable computer in bed. A king pillow may work as a shorter body pillow.It might sound easy to only purchase a king pillow for a king bed. The fact is that you'll be able to use any or all size pillows on a king sized bed. A perfect rule of thumb is to match the pillow size to your bed size, however from there,you'll be able to get inspiration. Unlucky,there are fewer choices for a Queen or Full sized bed. Therefore, don’t wait if you discover one thing else you want as there are many mixing pillows for your selection.

Latex pillow size queen

The size of a queen pillow is 40 x 60 cm (15,7″ x 23,6″). Two queen pillows are nicely put across a queen bed. The Queen pillow is also a good choice for someone who tosses and turns because it gives you lots of space on each side of your head. As well, a large pillow can feel luxurious and contribute to a retreat-like feel in your bedroom.

Euro latex pillow size

It’s really amazing when you find so many Euro sizes of square latex pillows on the bed. They are usually used for decor or as a reading pillow. It’s a nice feeling with them when reading a booking or using a laptop in bed. However, in some European countries, such as France and Germany, the Euro size latex pillow is considered a sleeping pillow. You maybe need to buy another size pillow when travelling to these countries.

throw latex pillow three sizes
throw latex pillow size

Latex throw pillow size

Latex throw pillows, or called toss pillows, its standard size is from 16” square to a jumping 24” square. They can be “thrown” into any place of a sofa or a chair when you are happy or angry or playing with your friends.

As a professional supplier of latex pillows, for a customize throw pillow,18” square is mostly liked by our customers.

One of our interior designers said that her standard enjoyed the pillow sizes reaching to 22” square.In an exhibition, she fills the beds,sofas and chairs with a large number of 20” throw pillows with different patterns and colors. “A flange with different big squared pillows seems great for the showroom.” She said. It was also proved that it was favored by visitors. An out sized deep lounge with ample room requires a set of huge pillows,ideally same color for additional impact. it's not solely a rapid makeover,however,giant pillows, say 20″x 20″ or 22″x 22″,look exciting and build a comfortable feel.Do you have a favorite chair to lounge on when watching TV? Throwing a smaller pillow in a very happy color…and ideally one that feels soft for you.

Round latex pillow size

Round latex pillow is another type of throw pillows. The specification is 14” in diameter. Soft round pillows are fun to display and even more fun to play with. That’s why more and more ladies tend to buy them instead of throw pillows.

lumbar latex pillow size and shape
lumbar latex pillow size and shape

Lumbar latex pillow size

Latex lumbar pillows is now becoming more and more popular as it offers a good support of your back. With difference from most pillows,usually produced in a square or rectangular shape, latex lumbar pillow shape is quite abnormal.This is very helpful to protect your lumbar from some hurts when you drive a car or are seated for a long time.It’s especially enjoyed by aged people and pregnancy.The common size of lumbar pillow is 14”x 22” and any customize measurement is workable for our company as we know that only one size can not satisfy everyone.

Mixing latex pillow size

As a company to sell pillows over 10 years, we think combination of pillow is going to become a big trend. Just thinking, how humdrum it is if there is only one size pillow in your bed or in a sofa.We highly suggest to combine a bigger size (king,queen or euro) with a throw pillow. It seems more comfortable when reading or sleeping, and also nice looking.

Is the guide to latex bed pillow sizes useful for you ? We hope the basics of pillows will make your bed and sofa more beautiful,attractive and comfortable.If you have any more questions such as worries of latex allergy, please contact us. We are pleased to offer you professional answers.

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