Latex pillows are usually filled with dunlopillo,talalay and shredded latex. It wins a high review among consumers as it’s indeed comfortable.The natural contour latex foam supports the sleeper’s head and neck efficiently,and aligns the spine without sagging too deeply. It’s considered a healthy bedding product. Do you want to know more ? Just read below content about latex pillow review. It’s a great opportunity for you to know about situations of China's latex producers

Overall reviews on natural latex foam pillow

Latex pillows, made from natural latex, are widely known for its soft,resilient and healthy. There are many types of filled latex saying dunlopillo,tatalaly and shredded. All of them have the advantages of supportive,cooling and super durable. On the other hand, its special odor is not liked by all people. Moreover, it’s much more expensive than other types pillows. Let us see the overall scores (1-10) of latex pillow as below.

Price2They are considered one of the most luxirious pillows. The selling price ranges from $40 to $60. It seems affordable, but most people are not satisfied.
Lifespan8It’s more durable than other pillows. It will not be out of shape for at least three years. With correct maintenance, it can be used for 5 years
Comfort7Latex pillows are comfortable for your neck,shoulder and head. It seldom causes muscle pain. Instead, it might ease and cure your pain if you are suffering.
Support88 It provides a perfect support of your neck as natural latex is a resilient material. It will not flatten even by long term pressing.
Pressure relief 7 Latex pillows perform excellent in reducing pressure from your head and body.
Stable 4They are poor in stability due to its strong resilience. Most people think it’s not acceptable. They might awake up suddenly when turning over.
Moldability 5It’s produced by a mold and the shape is fixed. The shape can be changed in your daily usage. It’s less moldable than other pillows. However, shredded latex pillow is much better.
Embrace6Some people like to embrance a pillow when seated. Latex pillows are not the best choice as it’s not soft enough.
Anti snoring8Latex pillow is anti snoring as it can support your head properly.
Content fixed 99 It’s filled with latex pillow. So it will not result in hollow.
Good for back sleeper 8It feels comfortable if you choose a moderate height pillow.
Good for stomach sleeper8Low loft pillow is good for stomach sleeper. High loft one might cause neck pain.
Good for side sleeper9Side sleepers are satisfied with latex pillows because they have fixed loft,support and softness.
Good for combined sleeper7Generally, it meets the demands of combined sleeper. But if you awake up easily when changing sleeping position, switch to other pillows.
Smell 6The smell of latex is not welcomed, though it disappears in some days.
Breathability8It is breathable to make air flow smoothly as there are millions of small pinholes inside the latex. It keeps you cooling in Summer.
Silence 8No noise happens during the whole night.
Weight 3Compared with other pillows, it’s too heavy to move and lift.
Hypoallergic 8A few people are allergic to natural latex. Natural latex is anti mite and keeps microbials far away.
Maintenance9 Latex pillows are maintained easily. Just put them in a cool and ventilated place to dry every month.
Washing6Only hand washing is available. Machine washing is prohibited.

Seeing from the average score, it’s a good pillow. Is this description true ? Let us see consumers’ review on dunlopillo,tatalay and shredded latex pillow.

Talalay latex pillow reviews

Expensive but awesome

Everyone knows talalay latex pillow is expensive but it is really great for sleeping.


Many people didn't realize it would be "springy". They thought they would lay down on it and the head would sink and the pillow would slowly mold around it. But to their surprise it doesn't! The pillow totally molds to your head but it is not heavy or hot and springs right back up when you roll from side to side.

Latex odor

Consumers need to let it air out due to the latex odor. They took off the cover and put it in front of the fan for the day and kept rotating it till bed time. By the 2nd day the funny rubber smell was gone.


One of clients said,"I can't say enough good things about it! I never wake up with neck pain and it is supportive and cool"

Long lasting

One consumer has an updating when it’s been used for 3 years.

“This pillow is still perfect... like new! I bought my husband the low firm about 2 years ago and he still loves it. Best pillow ever! I was considering buying these pillows for the guest room but not at the current price of $142. Criminal.”

Dunlopillo latex pillow review

Review of dunlopillo latex pillow is almost sames as talalay one. I think the main reason is that the difference between them is very small. Talalay pillow is  the updated version on processing of  dunlop pillow which has a lower price.

shredded latex pillow

Shredded latex pillow review


One consumer was worried about the smell as some pillow he bought before do have strange smell.But this one he didn't smell any pungent chemical odor. It was just a fragrance similar to milk.

Not too firm,not too soft

It feels very soft when you sleep on it, but it is also very firm and supportive. If you are having neck or shoulder pain when you wake up, you really need to try this. Not too firm, not too soft, just right. It has been great for sleep and no allergies!


It's adjustable and has high quality latex which remains soft after hours of sleep. Some pillows had low quality foam and felt like you were sleeping on a rock after a night's sleep. But not this adjustable shredded latex pillow!

Easy to wash

The shredded latex foam pillow is easy to clean as it can be washed by machine.So it's very convenient.

down pillow&memory foam pillow

How do other pillows perform ?

In fact, latex pillows appeal to the few. Most people like to use traditional pillows such as down,feather and memory foam. That’s why ?  Let’s begins with the pros and cons of these type pillows.

Pros of down pillows

Down pillow usually hold its shape well. It offers good support of your head and neck. Moreover, it’s very light and soft.

Cons of down pillows

First,It requires consistent fluffing to keep its loft. Second, there is only one firm option. Last, it’s very difficult to clean.

Pros of feather pillows

Feather pillow is affordable for most people. It’s also light and soft.

Cons of feather pillows

Like down pillows, it’s easy to flatten,lack of firm options, and difficult to clean. The worst is that it has a lingering and unpleasant odor which is unacceptable for users.

Pros of memory foam pillows

It doesn’t clump and requires fluffing. In addition, it offers good support.

Cons of memory foam pillows

Its chemical odor is potentially dangerous to humans. The air circulation is so poor as not to keep cooling.

Now do you know which one is better for you ? You will not regret to own latex pillows. It’s a big trend and healthy product to help people enjoy a nice sleeping. Have a try of firm latex pillow right now?

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