Everyone wants to enjoy a nice sleeping after a long day working. Sufficient energy is very necessary for a coming new day. Pillows usually play a vital role in our sleeping. Choosing a good pillow becomes more and more important,especially for those who don't sleep well. Many people are now switching from traditional pillows such as memory foam to natural latex foam pillow for high quality sleeping. Because latex pillow benefits are quite attractive. Aside from that, people are worried about following health risks from common pillows.

rubber trees
rubber trees

Concerns of using common pillows


Common pillows will be full of bacterial after it’s been used over 12 month. It can worsen your respiratory system, cause asthma, sinusitis, and induce coughing and sneezing. It’s harmful to our body.


People usually are not aware that they have an allergy reaction to their pillows. You should take care when waking up sneezing and feeling like a cold. That might be the allergy symptoms caused by the dust mites and mold from you pillow.

Neck pain

A poor pillow will cause neck pain. It at least cost you one week to recover from it. What a terrible thing if you can’t shake your neck for such a long time.

Neurological damage

Some pillows contains flame retardants,which has many chemicals. It has been proved to damage neurological after a long-term usage.

How about natural latex pillows ? Are they good for you ? Let us firstly know the material of latex pillows. It’s 100% natural,non toxic and chemical free.

What are latex pillows made of ?

Latex pillows are composed of three parts, latex core,inner cover and pillowcase. Latex core is made of latex foam which is produced by vulcanizing liquid latex into a solid foam. This white milky liquid is derived from the sap of a rubber tree. It provides a continuous harvest that doesn’t do any harm to itself till 100 years. No chemical addictive is added during processing yet. So the substance from plants is 100% pure,green and eco-friendly. Read here to know more about latex. This kind of material determines that latex pillows have following advantages.

milk white latex pillow with green nature background
latex pillow benefits

Natural latex pillow benefits


Our pillows are made of natural latex. No synthetic,fire retardant or any other chemicals are used in our products. Only food-grade additives are included in the manufacturing of these all-natural pillows. So there is also no worry of harmful chemicals being released and breathed during sleep. The whole process of these pillows is eco-friendly as well.

Environmentally friendly

The process of making latex pillows is very simple. In short, it’s a process from liquid to solid latex. So there is a small carbon footprint left. It’s the best choice if you are an environmental protector.


Compared with other pillows, latex pillows are hypoallergenic. According to a survey, Less than 1% of us are actually allergic to latex itself.


Natural latex pillows have a perfect resilient surface. It offers a soft feel to allow your head to sink into it. While soft, latex pillows are strong enough to support the weight of your head. It allows you to keep comfortable during resting because your neck is properly aligned with your back.

Pain and pressure ease

Latex pillows provide above-average support and closely conform to the head,neck and shoulders. This helps align the spine and ease pain and pressure caused by body. If you are suffering neck pain, why not have a try of a latex pillow ? It might be do some help.


Natural latex has a unique and open cell structure which makes inside air flow smoothly. In another word, the organic pillows are ventilated without any stop. This microscopic air bubbles in latex circulates air, transports moisture, and keep the pillows dry.


If you are sleeping hot, you should choose latex pillows. The millions of interconnected cells, with the ventilating pin-core design of the pillow, create a cooling pillow.

Dust Mite Resistant

Latex is full of rubber proteins which will prevent dust mite from growth. Ventilated environment is not friendly to bacterial. The latex special odor also keep the mite and mold far away.

Little noise

There is not little noise produced from latex pillows. It will make you sleep well during the whole night. Moreover, your partner will be happy with a silent environment.

Super long lifespan

Latex is a super durable material. Latex pillows usually can be used for many years with correct maintenance. Unlike memory foam or down pillows, it will not turn flat or lose their shape for at least 5 years. Everyone is worth to own the long lasting and reliable ones.

Easy maintenance

It’s not necessary for latex pillows to wash frequently. We keep it clean and fresh only by putting them in a ventilated and cool place every month. If it’s very necessary to wash, do remember than direct sunshine is strictly prohibited. Because natural latex is from rubber trees, it will turns into powder after a long time sunshine.

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It seems that latex pillows are our best choice. But it also has some disadvantages. You should be attentive when buying.

natural latex pillow
natural latex pillow

Disadvantages of latex pillow

High price

Dunlopillo latex pillows tend to run on the expensive side. The retail price is between $40 and $80. Talalay pillows are even more expensive. As far as I know, it’s about 20% higher than memory foam pillow. But it seems a good deal as latex pillow usually lasts over 5 years.

Less availability

Latex pillows are made by a mold. The available selection of latex pillows is fairly limited compared to other pillow types, such as memory foam, down alternative, or polyester. You can only find several forms in the market, such as contour,wave and granule pillow.


Latex pillows often hast a rubbery smell when it just comes out of package. It may be not liked by you. This smell will disappear in 2 or 3 days after usage.


Latex pillows tend to be dense and somewhat heavy, making them difficult for some to move and adjust during the night. Personally, it’s should not be a problem.

What's more to consider ?

If all these drawbacks of latex pillows are acceptable for you,  are there any other issues you should consider when buying ?


Your sleep positions are incredibly influential on the choices you make. The thickness and type of fill that makes up a pillow’s construction can influence the quality of rest you receive


Do you like soft or firm latex pillows ? It’s important to choose a comfortable one. Firmness is determined by latex density. But your feeling should be the first place.


Latex pillows are created in multiple ways to provide variance in support, comfort, and feel for consumer preference. When researching the best pillow for you, be sure to take the time to know your own needs and pay attention to the details and claims a pillow makes.

Latex pillow is a precious gift from the nature. It provides advantages in support,comfort and health for consumers. When referring to the best pillow, do take the time to know your own demands and pay more attention to the usage method. Trust you will be happy to own them.

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