As living level is greatly improving, people now is more and more caring about health. The benefits and advantages of natural latex pillows are obviously attractive.It’s not only a good option for adults, but also favored by special persons such as kid toddler, pregnancy ,baby as well as neck pain suffer.The raw material is green,nature and eco-friendly. This is why natural latex pillows are widely liked by people all over the world. In order to meet the requirements of different groups, various natural latex pillows, such as contoured,wedged,body,backrest and neck, have been designed. It’s absolutely essential for living especially in bed sleeping, car driving and travelling. Therefore, you should well master some basic knowledge about natural latex pillows for better purchasing or engaging in latex business.

natural latex pillows
natural latex pillows

Are talalay natural latex pillows better than dunlopillo?

It is troublesome to mention, as this relies on what are you searching for and the money you're willing to pay. Neither is superior to the opposite. Considering the value distinction, dunlopillo latex is best worth for cash, however Talalay latex incorporates a plusher, additional buoyant feel and is accessible in a larger vary of densities.Similarly, dunlopillo latex is denser, that makes it a few firmer than Talalay, thus Talalay may be a good selection if you wish a soft surface feel. A mixture of the 2 is another selection – a Dunlop latex base for firmer support, with Talalay latex upper for a very luxurious feel, for instance.

Types of  latex pillows

Like another materials, latex comes both from naturally and synthetically. Natural latex comes from rubber trees however it can even be created synthetically. Natural latex is immune to mildew and dirt mites, and it's hypoallergenic.Thanks to these properties, pillows made of natural latex are thought of one in all the most effective organic pillows. However, natural latex is very expensive as compared to some other materials. So it’s also a good choice for you to purchase pillows made of artificial latex which is made from petrochemicals and it behaves like natural latex. One of the most important benefits of artificial latex is that it's less expensive as compared to natural latex.

Which size of natural latex pillows is good for you

Currently, there are a number of  different pillow sizes for different people group.

Standard latex pillow size
Different country has a different standard pillow size. For example,  it's 20" x 26" in the United State, in Germany it's 40 x 80 cm, whereas within the UK it's 50 x 75 cm.

Queen latex pillow size
The queen size of the latex Pillow s 40 x 60 cm (15,7" x 23,6"). The queen pillow could be a larger version of the standard pillow. This pillow is perfect for people who usually move a lot in bed, as it provides a great deal of area for your head.

King latex pillow size
The king size of the latex pillow are 50 x 70 cm (19,7" x 27,6"). King sized pillows are a bigger version of the queen sized pillows. These pillows are designed for proportionately larger beds, however may also be appropriate for a single bed. King pillow additionally give a good support for your back, while you are reading or using your portable computer in bed. It may also be used as a shorter body pillow.

Advantages of natural latex pillows

There are a number of benefits of using natural latex pillows. Generally, it has 3 advantages.

1. Raw material latex is from rubber tree, and processing is strictly controlled to make it chemical free and not toxic

2. It resists mold,mildew as well as dust mite because the component rubber protein prevent them from growth.

3. The natural latex is green,nature and eco-friendly, so it takes hypo-allergy.

natural latex pillows for neck pain
natural latex pillows for neck pain


Who should switch to choose natural latex pillows

Natural latex pillows are of good air permeability and moisture absorption. Its unique softness and high flexibility makes it perfectly fit for your head and neck. Undoubtedly it’s one of the best pillows for your sleeping. As our experience, below people should choose the latex pillows badly.

1. Difficult in falling asleep

2. Workers or students who usually play computer for long time

3. People who are snoring

4. Drivers who suffer from neck pain

5. Hypertension patients caused by airway obstruction

6. Baby ages from 6 month to 2 years old.  Baby latex pillows indeed do help to babies.

Is the Thailand natural latex pillows best ?

It’s difficult to say which countries natural latex pillows are the best. Most Southeast countries such as Thailand and Malaysia are full of material latex,but short of production ability. China is not only the biggest manufacturer in the world but also offer high level quality with competitive price. A lot of importers from USA,Canada,UK,Australia purchase from China. So now it’s not important for which country it comes from. It’s an international business chain. You may go to buy natural latex pillows on Amazon or eBay or shop in super markets or stores such as Kmart,Walmart,Costco and IKEA.

Thai latex pillow
Thai latex pillow

How to wash natural latex pillows ?

It’s not necessary to wash natural latex pillows very often. Just put it in a dry ventilated place at set intervals and it will keep clean. If highly necessary,be attentive that latex pillows mustn't be washed by laundry machines and dryers. And exposure on the sun is completely forbidden,too. Here are washing steps as follow. This surely helps prolong lifespan of latex pillow.

1. Take away pillow case to wash by hand or machine.
2. Sink it with heat water and add mild detergent.
4. Soak a clean towel within the mixture and wring dry.
5. Blot the pillow with the fabric, paying additional attention to stains
6. When blotting, place recent towels on each side of the pillow and press excess wet
7. Air dry flat and far away from direct daylight
8. Put your latex pillow into clean pillow case.

The natural latex pillows are a valuable gift from the great nature, we should cherish and avoid any wasting. Wish everyone have a nice sleeping.

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