As sleeping well is becoming a big problem in our daily life, a comfortable mattress is especially important. It’s easier for you to buy a mattress online or at a store. However, people are not satisfied with the mattresses and complaints always happen as they even don’t know the pros and cons of each type mattress. Do you know which one is better among latex,memory foam,spring mattress ? As a professional manufacturer of latex mattress, I would like to suggest you to buy latex mattress which is far better.  Below are some tips for your reference when purchasing.

latex mattress for living room
latex mattress for living room

Why do you choose a latex mattress?

Latex is breathable

Latex mattresses are filled with latex foam, which is an especially breathable material, so you won’t overheat in the middle of the night.

It’s long lasting

It’s also extremely durable and should last for many years. And it’s a good option for those with allergies. They can feel rather solid at first though, so they’re better suited to those who prefer a firmer bed.

No dents over time

Latex mattresses will not develop lumps and dents over time even after a very long time use. As we all know this usually happens on memory foam and spring mattress.

In brief, It’s ideal because its flexible yet stable,absorbent, resilient and also provides excellent heat and moisture regulation and air circulation.

Manufacturing process of latex mattress

There are two different methods of latex production: the Dunlop method and the Talalay method. Dunlop is the first method used for latex that tends to produce more affordable variations of latex, while Talalay is a more advanced process that results in softer albeit more expensive variations. Talalay comes in natural, synthetic and blended options while Dunlop is available in either natural or synthetic only.

latex mattress mould with thick and regular pins
latex mattress mould with thick and regular pins

Production process of Talalay latex

The Talalay process is the new and refined method of creating latex foam. It provides a more consistent feel and various levels of softness. It requires less raw material, and has a lower density than Dunlop latex. In the Talalay process, latex is poured onto a pattern and aerated, then rapidly frozen to prevent bubbles (thus ensuring consistency). Lastly, it is exposed to high temperatures, then washed and dried. Talalay is used for both comfort and support materials.

Production process of Dunlop latex

The Dunlop process is the first and original method of creating Latex. It is less consistent, but it create a denser, more durable foam. It is less expensive than Talalay latex. In the Dunlop process, latex is poured onto a pattern then heated. Dunlop can be used for both comfort and support layers in a mattress, but is more popular as a support layer under a softer, more contouring Talalay variation. In china, most factories adopt this economical method.

What are the pineholes for ?

You have probably noticed from online photos that latex mattresses are punctuated with a series of pinholes. These holes serve two purposes.

natural latex mattress with pineholes
natural latex mattress with pineholes

1.Provide good airflow

The first is to provide excellent airflow for proper hygiene. This keeps the mattress cool and allows moisture to escape easily, an important issue in warm humid climates like Singapore.

2.Fine-tune the firmness

The second function of the pinholes is to fine-tune the firmness. While the firmness is largely determined by the composition of latex in the mattress, the pinholes play a role too. The size and number of pins affect the level of comfort and firmness you experience. In fact, some latex mattresses have the pinholes arranged differently in different parts of the mattress, allowing you to experience different zones of softness and firmness for ultimate body support.

Other latex mattresses have a uniform arrangement of pins. This all comes down to what you’re seeking. What you feel is most comfortable when testing out mattresses. A mattress isn’t something you buy every day. In fact the chance to do it comes only about once every 10 years. So, treat yourself to whatever offers you the most relaxation and pressure relief. For some, this could be a latex mattress with a variable arrangement of pins. While for others, it could be a latex mattress with a uniform arrangement of pins.

Rest assured that you will not have to count the pinholes to determine whether you have a good quality latex mattress. You can determine that by lying on it: a good quality latex mattress with sufficient pinholes will feel comfortable to you.

Choose the right firmness level for your latex mattress

You’ll need to try out different levels of firmness to decide which one is right for you. Like other mattresses, latex offers various levels of firmness. These range from a soft one which gives you a soft ‘sinking’ feeling to a very firm mattress.

Do take note that you shouldn’t be confused or overly concerned between firmness and hardness. Firmness is usually measured by mass per unit volume (kg/m3) and hardness is measured either by using kPa (kilo-pascal) or ILD (indentation load deflection). You can find out more about the difference between density and hardness of latex mattress in this website.

When you should choose a Latex Mattress ?

Is latex the best choice for everyone? Certainly not. However, it’s a highly versatile product that’s accommodating for a large number of sleepers. Latex may be a great choice for you if:

1. You suffer with pressure points

2. You carry a lot of weight

3. You’re looking for a product that will last long.

4. You want to avoid off gassing

5. You sleep hot

6. You have a sleeping partner and want to keep motion transfer low

7. You are looking for the ability to customize.

8. You want the ability to be eco-friendly in your mattress shopping with natural options

9.You appreciate options in firmness to accommodate back, stomach and side sleepers

When you should NOT choose a Latex Mattress ?

There are many different mattress products out there. It depends on your preferences. Latex may just not be your best option. A few reasons you may want to look elsewhere.

1.You don’t want a product that may take some time to break in. Firmness may be a little higher during the first 30 days.

2.Products can be pricey, especially if they’re natural. You can choose synthetic, but they are known to off gas and probably won’t last as long as natural. Blended products can be a good middle ground.

3.You anticipate you’ll be moving frequently as these products can be heavy.

buy latex mattress for living room
buy latex mattress for living room

How to buy a latex mattress ?

Here are my 8 Essential Points to consider when shopping for a great latex mattress. These are the important considerations you should be looking for to get a decent deal on a well crafted latex mattress.

1. Natural latex is the best

I prefer 100% natural latex over synthetic or blended beds. Natural latex just has a livelier, more responsive, and has more elastic qualities than the synthetic or blended mattresses. Natural latex just has a more comfortable feel. In addition, natural latex, is durable, resists packing down and forming body impressions. It offers other advantages that the synthetic Latex doesn’t have, such as the naturally anti-dust mite, anti-mold and anti-mildew qualities, the hypo-allergenic qualities. It is a chemical free bed that will does not off gas.

2. Simply designed mattress

Looking for simplistically designed, uncomplicated natural latex mattresses. This will minimize problems with shifting layers and migration of contents. Try to Avoid mattresses with excessive zones or “cut up” designs.

3. Dunlop latex on the bottom and Talalay on the top

Taking Dunlop natural latex on the bottom, Talalay natural latex on the top, if you are going to go for a mattress with multiple layers. The Dunlop layer provides a good foundation or substrate layer, offering support, while a Talalay latex top layer offers a luxurious feel to the mattress.

4. Outer cover should be breathable

Looking for a breathable outer covering, preferably a wool blend that contains no chemical fire retardants. Also, the covering should not be excessively thick or quilted, so that you remain in close contact with latex that you pay for.

5. Buy from a reputable company

Buying from a reputable company, with easily accessible, independent third party reviews. You can read what other people are saying who have already purchased latex mattresses from this company. That way, you can avoid the litany of trials and tribulations I often hear about from people who have spent a lot of money on a mattress. Only to find that if it isn’t working out for them.

6. Quality warranty

Look for a solid warranty, at least 10 years, with full replacement guarantees for at least several years. A reputable dealer will back up their product. You should be able to easily obtain a copy of the warranty.

7. A trial period is necessary

A trial period that allows for returning the mattress is very necessary.  It checks if it just doesn’t work for you. At least 60 days, preferably 90 or more, is a respectable time to give you to evaluate a mattress thoroughly.

8. Charge extras such as latex pillows

Freebies and extras that encourage you to buy, are nice to have. Latex pillows and other products that further enhance your mattress will only add to your experience.

Now will you choose the latex mattress instead of others ? Please remember that the purpose to buy latex mattress is to enjoy your comfortable sleeping. Therefore, pay high importance to the process of seeking out your perfect mattress. If you think it’s too expensive, just try the 5 cm thickness latex mattress topper which has same benefits as latex mattress.

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