Latex pillow is one of the best pillows in the world. Now more and more people switch from traditional pillows such as memory foam to latex pillow. It’s usually described as soft,supportive,durable,cooling and healthy. To offer people a serene dreamland, our company is always devoted to the developing of natural latex pillows. Latex toddler pillow with bumble bee pillowcase is baby love. Ergonomic contour pillow is for those who get headache and neck pain. Low or high profile pillow is suitable for both kids and adults. There are also many options in firmness such soft, solid and extra firm. Here is a list of our best latex pillows.

Top 7 Latex  Pillow

Natural latex pillows are indeed the precious gift from nature. It improves our sleeping quality in a certain extent. Here are 7 best latex pillows. Choose one and have a try, you might get a surprise.

best latex foam pillow

1. Firm Latex Pillow

Why called it the best in latex pillows ? Because it’s suitable for anyone who are in demand of a latex pillow. It offers excellent support of head, neck and shoulder. You can also choose the one right for your sleeping, firm or soft, low or high loft.

Moreover, the latex core is 100% natural from rubber trees in Thailand. It’s super durable. This pillow will not become out of shape even after used for a very long time. Except the bouncy,it’s pretty comfortable during your sleeping. The designed ventilated holes with cell structure inside make it breathe well. It offers a cooling environment. The only drawback is that it’s too heavy to bring for travels.

premium latex pillow

2.Best Latex Foam Pillow

This premium latex pillow is another good option. It’s also top rated among all pillows. This pillow cradles your head and neck in the latex. It provides both softness and support. Its excellent bouncy keeps the original shape,even after day and night’s usage. Like other latex pillows, the inner and outer covers have zippers. It’s easy to wash when they get dirty. As for latex core itself, you can clean the spot by a soft cloth. Washing in a correct step will prolong pillows lifespan.

Ergonomic Contour Latex Pillow

3.Soft Latex Pillow 

The latex contour pillow is front side 2 cm higher than the back side. The contour shape not only conforms to your neck, but also makes you breathe well. Moreover, It seems a great choice for those who are in search of good support and breathability. This pillow is made of natural latex. It’s hypo-allergic and anti mite. If you are very sensitive to the latex odor, you have to put the latex core in a ventilated place. The smell will fade over in 2 or 3 days. In fact, this smell is from natural latex itself. There is no chemicals. It’s harmless.

Organic Kids Latex Pillow

4. Low Loft Latex Pillow

This luxurious slim organic pillow is for kids aged from 4-12 years old. As we all know children need much more sleep than adults when growing. A proper pillow plays an important role. Our kids latex pillow provides good support to the cervical and neck. It is also proven to offer more pressure relief and support than memory foam. Besides, the natural latex doesn’t contain any chemicals. It’s hypo-allergic and always stay fresh.

latex baby pillow milk white

5. Latex Baby Pillow 

Cotton or feather pillows do not support baby’s head and shoulder well. It’s deformed, lack of bouncy and subject to the breeding of bacteria. Natural latex baby pillow is hypo-allergic and mildew proof. It will not lose its shape even after many years usage. The cover is made of organic cotton. It’s friendly to babies.

Car latex cushion

6. Latex Lumbar Pillow

Our natural latex car seat cushion is made of all natural latex and velvet cover. The latex foam is both soft and supportive. It perfectly conforms to your back and provides full support. It is no chemical, not toxic,breathable and durable. This cushion can be used in work, home, car, travel, chair and so on. The cover is removable and washable.

latex neck pillow

7.Latex Travel Pillow

This neck pillow relaxes your neck and shoulder muscles. The contour shape offers a stable support of your neck. It relieves pressure and correct cervical alignment. It also helps eliminate your pains. Plus, it will not affect your rest when you changing your head posture.

What Is Natural Latex?

Natural latex is derived from the sap of rubber trees. They can provide a continual harvest that does not do any harm to themselves for up to 100 years. Our latex is imported from Thailand which is of top quality all over the world. There are two processing methods called dunlop and talalay. Both of them can produce a latex core in different shape. It provides cooling channels or supportive surfaces for variances in sleep positions. There is very small difference between the two such as cost and smell.

latex pillow white core sap from thailand

Latex Pillow Benefits

100% Nature

The natural latex pillow is made with 100% rubber tree fluid, also known as the “rubber pillow”. There are no toxic chemicals, no flame retardant in the pillow. It is a hypoallergenic and anti-microbial pillow. The pillow cover is removable and machine washable.

Relieve Discomfort

Each pillow helps regulate sleeping temperatures with a unique core design. It allows air to flow freely. It also creates a soothing cradling effect to help relieve discomfort from neck and spinal pain.


This latex pillow will help you to sleep well through the night. We make sure our Natural Latex Pillows are durable to keep their shape for many years. So you can enjoy them for a very long time.

Latex pillow is actually good for sleeping. Do you want to know more? Read the related article Latex Pillow Benefits-Natural And Health.

Latex Pillow Drawbacks

  • Latex pillows have an initial latex smell which some people might not like. But don’t worry, it will fade over in 2 or 3 days. If you still mind the smell, you have to give it up.
  • Memory foam pillows are the direct competitor of the latex pillows because they have many similarities. But the differences are very obvious.
  • Comparison with Memory Foam Pillow
  • Latex pillows perform better in the Summer. The pinholes inside the latex make it extremely breathable and allow them to dissipate boy heat. It offers you a cooling sleeping. In contrast, memory foam runs hotter in the Summer due to its bad air circulation.
  • Both pillows provide support of back, shoulder and neck. But latex pillows have a better bouncy. It lasts much longer than memory foam.
  • Both pillows can be used over 3 years. Latex pillows still stay in good shape while memory foam becomes flatten. Latex pillows have a longer lifespan.
  • They are both quite dense and heavy. So they are not the best choice for traveling.

In short, I strongly recommend you the latex pillows as it’s the 2.0 version of memory foam pillow.

Dunlopillo latex pillow milky white

Who Should Use Latex Pillows ?

  1. Latex pillows are good for most people, especially for the following types of sleepers.
  2. It’s good for side sleepers which need strong support in the the neck, shoulders, lower back, and hips.
  3. If you are back sleepers, the contour latex pillows is the best choice. These sleepers weigh enough to experience full conforming.
  4. As for stomach sleepers, you can choose a slim low profile latex pillow. It feels pretty well.
  5. Latex pillows are much cooler than other pillows. So do not hesitate to choose it if you always sleep hot.
  6. If you are suffering from neck pain, you’d better use latex pillows instead. It will ease your pain.

Who Should Not Use Latex Pillows ?

In my opinion, if you are allergic to natural latex, you have to say goodbye to this pillow. If you are sensitive to the latex smell, you can have a try. You might fall in love with it after using. Then the odor will not matter. Moreover, knowing how to use it in a proper way is important.

How to Choose a Latex Pillow ?

Buying a latex pillow seems simple, but there is a lot of facts that you have to consider for a suitable one.

Is It for Bed Or Traveling ?

The first consideration is where the pillow used for, in your bed or traveling. The size and firmness are much different between the two. If you are buying it for your bed sleeping, you should know your sleeping position. Are you a side, back, stomach sleeper or a combined sleeper ? Each posture is more or less different. The ideal height and size of the latex pillow for someone who sleeps on their side is different than for someone who sleeps on their neck. You must consider how you will use it. That will affect the other factors.

Is Your Latex Pillow in 100% Natural ?

Natural latex is completely different from synthetic and blended latex. Most of the latex in the market is man-made. So you should know the differences between them

Would You Like Shredded Or Contour Latex Pillow?

You will see two major latex pillows when shopping. One is contour latex pillow and the other is shredded latex pillow. Each style has its own benefits.

The shredded latex pillow inside is shredded pieces of the latex. They are very fluffy and less supportive for the neck. However, they can change their shape easily to meet the needs of sleeping. If you change your sleeping position frequently, the shredded latex pillow is the best choice.

The contour latex pillow can increase the support of the neck. It’s solid and contoured. Thus, it conforms the shape of your neck and head better. The section designed for the head is a little lower than the section for the neck. It might take a bit of shopping around to find one that is contoured to your liking, but they are worth it.

Is Latex Pillow King Size Best For You ?

Latex pillow has less option in sizes than other pillows. Because the pillow insert is formed by a mold. It commonly has five specifications.

  1. Standard size of latex international pillow is 60*40*13 cm. It’s for common men.
  2. Women’s pillow is a little smaller and lower than standard one . The size is 60*37*11 cm.
  3. Youth’s pillow is the smaller version of standard pillow. It’s 50*30*9 cm
  4. Latex kid pillow is 44*27*7 cm. It should be soft.
  5. The size of most popular latex baby pillow comes with 40*30*5 cm. It helps fix the baby’s head.

In addition, your sleeping position determines the proper height of the pillow. For example, the back and side sleeper usually need a high pillow that effectively support the area between the shoulder and the head. The stomach sleeper should choose the flat pillow. Maybe youth latex pillow with 9 cm height is more comfortable.

baby latex pillow promoting sleeping

Latex Pillows Offer You a Serene Dreamland ?

A good pillow will make you sleeping  well. Latex pillows are the best choice. While people’s filling of lying on the latex pillow is the most important when shopping. Let us see an authority survey as below.

Soft yet supportive 26%

Conforming 18%

Unnatural feel 6%

Springy 15%

Solid 10%

Too firm 9%

Too thick 8%

Too soft 8%


The above ratio shows most consumers have not found the right latex pillows. I think the main reason is that they don’t know the latex pillow well. If you want to know more, please contact me freely. It’s my pleasure to offer you the guidance.