Many people especially who suffer back pain like to put a firm latex mattress topper on the mattress, because it supports and protects your back efficiently. Manufactured by dunlop technology, our latex mattress topper is 100% natural. The sizes are fit for the king,queen,twin and double bed. It’s an ideal mattress. If you are looking for a good mattress,follow me for more information.

Latex Mattress Topper Reviews

A latex mattress topper is a thin piece of latex which goes directly on top of an existing mattress. Toppers come in the same standard sizes as mattresses (Single, Queen and King).  A topper is less expensive than a mattress, and as a result many shoppers feel that buying a latex topper is an attractive idea. A latex topper may offer the comfort of latex at a fraction of the cost of a new mattress. Does this sound too good to be true? In part, it depends on why you’re seeking to buy a topper versus a new mattress,memory foam mattress, for example. Here you can find out the types of situations where a topper is, and is not, suitable for you.

Latex Mattress Topper VS. Latex Mattress

The best time to buy a new latex mattress topper is when you have a newer mattress and you want to slightly adjust its comfort level. For example, if you find your new mattress to be slightly too firm but your mattress warranty is up, a topper could be an ideal solution.

Overall, mattress toppers are supposed to enhance the mattress that you have, not turn a bad mattress into a luxury product. It’s temporary. The topper will form to the underlying foundation of the mattress, so if it’s sagging or wearing, the topper will too. It’s not a magical cure. The topper will actually also wear in that direction over time.

latex mattress topper placed on a mattress

Benefits of Latex Mattress Topper

Pure green

Latex mattress topper is composed of latex core,inner cover and outer cover which are all green material. Latex is from rubber tree, inner and outer cover is made organic cotton. Therefore, it’s harmless to body.

Excellent Support

A mattress topper is a great way to change the feel of your mattress, without buying a new one. Take a medium-firm or firm mattress, add a soft topper, and you can get both excellent support and plush softness.

Economical Choice

A latex mattress topper is a great way to upgrade to sleeping on 100 natural latex, with a budget, especially if you want to get a few more months out of your old mattress. It’s a great way to sleep on latex before you commit to a new mattress.

Release Pressure

A soft mattress topper can be especially the best for side sleepers, who tend to put pressure on one hip, shoulder, elbow, and knee in the night. This can lead to a lot of discomfort on especially firm mattresses. A latex topper cushions your body, taking the pressure off these pressure points.

Nice for the Couple Who Want Different Firmness Mattress

Since toppers come in different widths, they can be a nice compromise for partners who sleep in the same bed. If one partner wants firm support, and the other needs more cozy softness, you can buy a twin xl topper, and put it on just one side of a king-sized bed.

Reducing Motion

Another good reason to buy a topper is to reduce motion. If one partner in a couple moves around or gets up a lot at night, a latex topper can reduce motion, so one partner waking up won’t disturb the other. Some pet owners also find this helps them sleep through their pets’ habits of snuggling in and bounding up throughout the night.

Complaints on a Latex Mattress Topper

Dissatisfied with the Firmness

The most possible complaint that is put forward by users is about the firmness of the toppers though it has three types for selection

Impression on Body

While there are many who actually comments on compression of the toppers. Some even say that sleeping on these toppers leaves an impression.

Heat Problem

Some customers even complain about the heat problem with the toppers. Actually it happens due to compact cell structure sometimes the topper gets heated.

High Price

As these are made from fine quality materials, naturally huge bucks are splurged on its manufacturing. As a result, its price is bit higher compared to the other toppers.

latex mattress topper white color cover

Who Should Use a Latex Topper?

A latex mattress topper is considered suitable for the following groups:

Combination Sleepers

People who sleep on their back, side, or stomach. Latex toppers with medium ILD ratings (22 to 30) are suitable for all sleep positions. Additionally, side-sleepers may feel comfortable on latex toppers with lower ILD ratings (22 or lower); and stomach-sleepers may prefer higher ILD ratings (31 and higher).

Pain or Pressure Suffers

People who experience pain or pressure in their neck, shoulders, back, or hips. Latex conforms closely to help align the spine and alleviate discomfort in these sensitive areas.

People Who Awake Easily

People who awaken easily due to nighttime disturbances, since latex produces little to no noise when compressed.

Who Should Not Use a Latex Topper?

People Who Struggle to Lift Heavier Objects.

Latex toppers may weigh up to 40 pounds or more, and maneuvering them during the night may require more lifting strength than some owners possess.

People Who Tend to Sleep Hot.

Latex retains a fair amount of body heat, and some owners say the material sleeps warm or hot.

Topper Shoppers Who Are on a Budget

Latex models are among the most expensive options available.

Consideration to Buy Latex Mattress Topper

Pure green 100% natural latex mattress topper latex mattress toppers are available on the market, having various features in them. But you can observe that not all mattress toppers come as 100% pure, having pure latex without any fillers. This mattress topper offered by LaHome is one of the best examples of pure latex mattress toppers that is available in a wide range of options.

Firmness Levels and Thickness

Latex mattress topper includes 3 different thickness which are 1 inch, 2 inches,3 inches and 4 inches. It takes 3 different firmness levels: soft, medium firm and firm to meet the demands of various consumers. Also, you can find it in various thicknesses which can be. Its pure consistency makes this topper a perfect remedy of sleeplessness and discomfort for those who need a supportive mattress topper to avoid body aches.

Different Sizes for All Beds

Latex mattress topper can be made into different size for all bed,king,queen,single,double and so on. It’s also fit for the bed from Asia which size is 120*200 CM, 150*200 CM, 180*200 CM.

Is a Latex Topper Expensive ?

The average latex topper prices are between $100 and $400, making them significantly more expensive than average. However, it seems affordable for most people.Thicker latex toppers tend to be more expensive than thinner models. 2 inch thickness is most favored as it’s as comfortable as thicker one,but inexpensive. As far as I know latex foam mattress topper prices in online shop such as Costco and Amazon are cheap. Maybe you can buy there.

latex mattress topper folded

Latex Mattress Topper Wholesale

If you are a retailer or wholesale, you might plan to make a purchase order when you see the below points.

Free Sample

A free sample is offered before placing order, but the freight should be on your account.

Shipping Service

We have a professional shipping department to offer the best service from container loading to Custom clearance.

Quality Warranty

We are confident that our latex mattress topper has the top quality and will serve you well for years. Our latex core by dunlop is durable, and covers are made of tencel which is super longevity. Therefore, we promise a 5-year quality warranty. Just don’t worry about your investment.


Latex mattress is the best option for your comfort,but it’s too expensive. Instead, we suggest to buy latex mattress topper which is economical as well as comfortable enough. We are a factory in China to both produce latex mattresses and toppers. Please contact us for any issues.