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Are you sleeping hot in summer? Do you want to stay cooling in the whole night? Just go to buy and sleep on the latex cooling pillow. It is quite different from common memory foam or down pillow. Latex pillows can’t beat them in fashion. But they have better features. They keep their shapes well, offer hypoallergenic protection, and stay comfortable. Latex pillows will not make you get as hot as some other pillow when you are in sleeping.

Product Information

latex cooling pillow

Latex Cooling Pillow

Specification: 40*60*12 Cm

Pillow Core: Natural Latex

Inner Cover: Knitted Fabric

Pillow Case: Polyester

Package: Pe Bag,Corrugated Box

Firmness: Standard

Retail Price: $18.00

Product Description

  • Unlike gel foams, fabric and gel coatings, the latex pillow brings you a cool night sleep. The natural latex core has an initial cool feeling. It creates a non-breathable barrier that heats up fast. Our technology allows smooth airflow. It transfers heat away from the surface of the pillow to keep sleeper at a cool condition. What’s more, the cover is also breathable.
  • 100% pure natural latex foam is high resilient and offers a good support every night. The latex foam won’t bunch up or lose shape.
  • This latex cooling pillow is surely healthy and natural. It’s hypoallergenic, dust-mite resistant, chemicals free, breathable, and durability
  • Our latex pillows have different sizes for option. The sizes of queen, king and standard are all available.

Why Latex Cooling Pillow ?

This cooling latex pillow is perfect for pain relief. Because the latex core provides perfect support to relieve the pressure points. It also adjusts the height automatically when you sleep on. There are many choices in soft or firm, low or high loft. This fulfills your demands of various sleeping positions. The most important is that this pillow makes you sleeping cool even in sweltering summer.