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This extra firm latex pillow is made from 100% natural latex. It’s top rated among pillows. There are not any toxic materials inside, such as memory foam, no synthetic latex or chemicals. Latex core is designed of heat regulation. The pillowcase is removable and washable. These keep a comfortable sleeping temperature in whole night. Extra firm pillow is especially suitable for those who fight against neck or head pain. It offers a supportive cradling effect.

Product Information

extra firm latex pillow white color with pins

Extra Firm Latex Foam Pillow

Specification: 40*60*13 Cm

Pillow Core: Natural Latex

Inner Cover: Knitted Fabric

Pillow Case: Polyester

Package: Pe Bag,Corrugated Box

Firmness: Extra Firm

Retail Price: $18.00

Product Description

  • 100% natural latex is best choice for your neck and head. It’s not memory foam, gel filled or down alternative. This latex pillow gets you a good night rest, reduces your exposure to chemicals and keeps you healthy.
  • Natural latex is a resilient material. It’s anti dust mite, mold resistant and hypoallergenic.
  • Our pillow comes with high quality inner cover and pillowcase. Poor fabric can retain heat and sweat. Everyone prefers breathable pillows. This latex pillow has a natural ventilation system.
  • Other material pillows usually flatten out after a short time usage. What a terrible struggle. Extra firm latex foam pillow is of plush, solid, lofty and supportive. So you can enjoy a good night.

Why Extra Firm Latex Foam Pillow ?

Pillows with natural latex filling are the most firm pillows in the market. Dust mites leave far away from it. The latex core with high density is extra firm in pillows. It’s good for side and back sleepers. If you are suffering neck or shoulder pain, you can try this type pillow. It can more or less ease your pain.